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Wellcome Sanger Institute

Updated: November, 2019

About Wellcome Sanger Institute

Join a community of world-class thinkers and professionals. Now is a great time to join us. We are taking on some of the most exciting challenges in science and have been at the forefront of pioneering scientific research in genomics for the last 25 years.

We would not be able to do our research without being able to draw on the diversity of experience, skills and knowledge. We aim to attract, recruit, retain and develop talent from the widest possible talent pool, thereby gaining insight and access to different markets to generate a greater impact on the world.

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Life at Sanger Institute is unique. Set across 130 acres, just outside of Cambridge, our people are shaping the future by delivering life-changing science with the reach, scale, and creativity to solve some of humanity's greatest challenges. We have over 1,200 people, from 70+ nationalities. We know that the success of our institute depends on our people. We embrace everything that is unique about individuals and draw on their different perspectives.

We look after and nurture you throughout your whole career journey. Whilst we work very hard at what we do, we understand the importance of having time for family, friends, and, of course, yourself. We are proud to deliver a campus-wide employee wellbeing strategy and programme. The importance of good health and adopting a healthier lifestyle and the commitment to reduce work-related stress is strongly acknowledged and recognised everywhere. We provide a wellbeing programme that offers proactive and preventative self-help through participation in workplace interventions.

We also take great pride in our Campus and currently have many green initiatives to sustain our environment and surroundings, including our Energy Campaign, Award winning Green Travel Plan and Wetlands Nature Reserve.

Create a lasting legacy. Join us.

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science and pharmaceuticals



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Genome Campus
Saffron Walden
CB10 1SA

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