Case study

Pranav Subhedar — Trainee solicitor

White & Case

Pranav studied Modern History at the University of Oxford. Discover how he became a trainee solicitor at White & Case

How did you get your job?

Having successfully applied for and attended a vacation scheme at the firm, I was offered a training contract.

What’s a typical day like as a trainee solicitor?

Most days begin with a review of emails, which have come through overnight. The nature of the work our team does means that many live matters develop based on client feedback from Asia, which means we have a number of actionable emails first thing in the morning.

Every day ends with time recording, where a careful accounting of what was done that day has to be done.

In between, few days are the same. From helping to push through document drafts, drafting and redrafting clauses, attending industry calls, and writing knowledge pieces for the team -there is a vast array of responsibilities under my belt.

What do you enjoy about your job?

Being able to work in an agile team, all of whom are totally dedicated to the work they do, is a unique pleasure.

What are the challenges?

Given the high quality of work, the significant responsibility given at an early stage, and the team ethos maintaining the highest of standards day-in day-out is the main challenge of the role - it must be done not only for clients but also for other team members.

In what way is your degree relevant?

Reading history led me to some rather impenetrable tomes - next to that the equally impenetrable reams of financial regulation that we must be on top of are a breeze.

How has your role developed?

As you gain experience in your training contract, there is an implicit trust that you are able to perform certain tasks. With seniority, then, comes greater responsibility and a chance to see in greater detail how, for example, a case may be pushed forward or a transaction be managed. I intend to use this experience in order to make an informed decision as to where I wish to qualify so that I can be the most effective associate I can be.

How do I get into law?

  • Complete as much legal work experience as possible before applying to vacation schemes and training contracts.
  • Be able to confidently and clearly speak about commercial matters.
  • Read. There is an excess of news sources, articles, journals and the like for anyone looking to understand the legal industry and any particular law firm. Read everything you can, digest it, and be able to speak and write about it well.

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