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Updated: April, 2019

About York English

Experience real China with York English.

We're a forward-thinking English school based in southern China that believes in doing things the right way. You can expect full support with the visa, comprehensive training (no experience necessary), professional development and a supportive environment.

Based in the amazing city of Fuzhou, China, we began in 2003 with the aim of teaching English differently to other schools in China. Here at York, the quality of the education we provide matters. We provide students with creative, engaging, and educational lessons that will allow them to develop their language skills in a safe and supportive environment.

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Our commitment to education is translated into the high-level of support that we provide for our teachers and staff. From a supportive community that welcomes new teachers, to comprehensive initial training and on-going professional development, we are here to make sure that our teachers have the resources, training, and support to succeed in the classroom.

Our city, Fuzhou, is a ‘small’ Chinese city, with a population of eight million people. It’s in southern China, which means long hot summers and mild winters. Fuzhou is also one of the greenest cities in China, scoring in the top 10 Chinese cities for air quality. It’s also a fascinating mix of old and new, with historic Qing dynasty influences, thriving working temples and modern gleaming skyscapers. In a city like this you can live whatever lifestyle you want, sampling some of many coffee shops, trying some tai-chi in the park, eating authentic local cuisine and exploring everything China has to offer on weekends.

In the second half of 2019 we’re opening 10+ positions to motivated and enthusiastic graduates who want to make a difference to our fun-loving and friendly students. We’re offering year-long contracts (12 months and two weeks of fully paid training) for full-time English teachers to our young learners aged between three to 16. Working in a highly diverse and multi-cultural environment you will need to be organised and professional, with a sense of fun and a desire to explore! Adaptability is key as you’ll not only be learning a new role but you’ll be adapting to one of the most exciting countries in the world too!

As a new teacher, you’ll get full training and support from day one. We don’t just want someone to stand in front of a whiteboard, we want to develop great educators and enhance your skills. From our Teacher Development Plan to a longer-term Graduate Development Programme you will enhance your communication skills, gain experience speaking in public and have an amazing international experience.

Our comprehensive approach to professional development puts you on the path to success. And for those who want to push themselves further and continue the adventure, there are opportunities to take on leadership and mentoring roles. Over the years we’ve had dozens of young graduates make the step up to these positions, leading teams of new teachers and developing their management skillsets. Are you ready for the challenge?

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Unit 601-602
(North) Bldg 2 of Xiaokangyuan, No.208 Hudong Rd., Wenquan Street, Gulou Dist.,
Fuzhou City
Fujian Pr

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