Personal statement for a School Direct teacher training post

November, 2015

Why do I want to become a teacher? Put simply, teaching is an opportunity to make a difference to children both in life and their development. For me, teaching is an enormously rewarding and challenging profession and my decision to teach has not been taken lightly. I spent time in schools and asked teachers to tell me the truth about day to day school life and their responsibilities, while there were some negatives, they were overwhelmingly positive.

I have volunteered as a primary school reading helper for many years, gaining experience primarily in years 1 and 4. Last year I also gained six days experience in reception, 10 days in key stage 2 at another school and undertook a two-week university placement in a primary school autism unit. I have worked with children individually and in groups covering all national curriculum subjects including maths, English and phonics. I have also been able to assist with many school productions, encouraging children to develop greater confidence performing in front of an audience.

During my time in the classroom I have observed various teaching techniques, learning from a variety of teachers and gaining insights along the way. Currently employed as a cover supervisor I lead lessons from the teachers lesson plan, ensure that the learning is engaging and accessible to all pupils and co-ordinate any support staff in the lesson. This has included working with outside organisations and parents, for example in assisting a pupil who had been excluded to become reintroduced to the school. I aim to be a cheerful, approachable, patient and professional at all times and am keen to learn more about successful practice and pedagogy.

My other work experiences have enabled me to develop skills that are important for teaching. Working as a shop assistant required strong communication skills and diplomacy. When I was promoted to supervisor I was well organised and managed a full workload of multiple responsibilities, adopting a consistently proactive and flexible approach.

I am enthusiastic to use the knowledge I have gained from my current studies in education and English, encouraging children to develop a love of reading and develop an interest in literature. As a subject, English is central to any child’s academic progress, empowering pupils to express their knowledge and ideas effectively. My degree covered a wide range of education units including, disability and special needs education, education and technology and the sociology of childhood and education. Graduating with a 2:1, I gained a range of skills including the ability to evaluate and analyse text and am building on this to develop creative ways to motivate and inspire pupils.

Additional to my work and school experience I have an eclectic range of interests including word and number puzzles, travelling and playing the piano. I am dedicated to delivering meaningful education to future generations and confident that my experience and skills have equipped me to cope with the pressures and demands of the profession.