Trailer: Introducing Future You

August, 2019

This is a transcript of the trailer for series one of Future You, the podcast from graduate careers experts Prospects


Host: Dan Mason

Episode transcript

Dan Mason: Hey everyone, I just want to tell you about Future You, the new podcast coming soon from the graduate career experts at Prospects.

This is the podcast for you if you're a student or graduate and you want to get a head start on life after university.

Whether you already have a detailed career plan in place, or if you're not quite sure where to turn next, Future You will help you negotiate that tricky transition from studying into a graduate job.

I'll be your host, Dan Mason, and throughout the series we'll hear from employers, careers advisers as well as your fellow students and graduates, all with great stories and insights into how to achieve your career goals.

You can subscribe to Future You right now in your podcast app of choice and you'll be notified when the first episode arrives. In the meantime, check out the website,, to search for graduate jobs and to get loads of other useful advice.

So take control of your career, with Future You.

Transcript ends.

Note on transcripts

These transcripts are produced using a combination of automated software and human transcribers, and may contain errors. The audio version is definitive and should be checked before quoting.

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