Prospects content roundup

December, 2022

This post does what it says on the tin (or in the title) and summarises recently published content on Prospects, just in case you missed it


  • MBA courses - Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes are aimed at high-achieving graduates with a fair amount of business/management experience who want to climb to the top of the ladder in the business world. Discover which MBA to choose, the best MBA programmes in the UK and how to fund your studies.
  • Information technology - Popular with graduates, the IT sector is fast moving thanks to the constant development and advancement of technologies. Learn more about diversity in the tech industry, video game careers, IT apprenticeships, IT jobs and more.
  • Engineering and manufacturing - With a number of skills shortages there's an increased demand for graduates in the engineering sector. Find out how to become an engineer, what the sectors biggest challenges are and what opportunities there are for women in engineering.
  • Teacher training and education - Working in education and developing young minds is incredibly rewarding. Read up on routes into teaching, applying for teacher training, current educational issues and how to get a teaching job.
  • 5 ways to manage student stress - Take a look at how exercise, mindfulness, talking, sleeping and time management can reduce your stress levels.
  • Getting the most out of lectures and seminars - Discover how to prepare for lectures and seminars, how to act while participating in them and how to get the most out of this valuable contact time.
  • Future You podcasts - Learn more about what life as a paralegal involves.


  • Funding postgraduate study - The cost of study shouldn’t hold you back. There are a number of funding options available such as postgraduate loans, scholarships and bursaries, employer sponsorship, Research Council grants and Crowdfunding.
  • Business, consulting and management - Careers in this industry are vast and often boast high starting salaries and early responsibility. Gain a better understanding of business, consulting and management jobs, the skills you'll need for a successful career, business apprenticeships and top UK business schools.
  • Charity and voluntary work - In the third sector you'll need a genuine passion to improve and enrich society to succeed. Find out how to get a graduate charity job, discover how to volunteer with both animals and children and how to work with the homeless.


  • Property and construction - Now's a great time to join the industry so learn more about property and construction jobs, construction apprenticeships and how to become an architect.
  • Retail – Employing over three million people, retail is the UKs largest private sector employer. Read up on retail apprenticeships and graduate schemes, the variety of jobs available and how to get into the ever-growing field of online retail.

We publish a number of case studies on Prospects in order to give you an insight into particular jobs and industries. Recent case studies include:

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