Prospects content roundup: National Careers Week edition

March, 2023

As today marks the start of National Careers Week (6-11 March) we thought we'd point you in the direction of useful careers content on

If you're at the career planning stage

  • Job Match - take our careers quiz and match your personality and skills to a variety of jobs.
  • Job profiles - already have a career in mind? Discover what you need to know with our 500 job profiles, from responsibilities of the role and salary expectations to required qualifications, typical employers and the skills you'll need to succeed.
  • Job sectors - explore our 24 job sectors to gain an insight into industries such as Accountancy, banking and finance, Business, consulting and management, Creative arts and design, Healthcare, Law and Teaching and education.
  • How to choose a career - find advice on career planning, identifying your skills, researching the job market and narrowing down your career options.
  • 7 ways to improve graduate employability - read tips on how to stand out to employers and improve your chances of employment.
  • Graduate schemes - learn more about what graduate schemes involve, which companies run programmes, when they open, how to apply and how much you'll be paid.
  • Apprenticeships - consider an apprenticeship where you'll get the opportunity to earn while you learn.

If you're looking for a job or applying for one

  • Search graduate jobs - search for hundreds of jobs and filter by sector, type of work, location and salary.
  • How to find a job - discover advice on starting your job search, tailoring your CV and networking.
  • How to write a CV - uncover answers to questions such as 'how long should a CV be?', 'what should I include in my CV?', 'How do I format my CV?' and 'How do I write a good CV?'
  • Example CVs - take inspiration from a number of CV templates such as the chronological, skills-based, academic, teaching, technical and law CV examples.
  • Cover letters - learn how to craft the perfect cover letter and use our examples to help.
  • Write a successful job application - make use of our advice on putting together a strong application form, from how to prepare, what to include and how to fine tune your application.
  • How to write a speculative job application - read up on how to create your own role by applying for jobs that haven't been advertised.
  • Getting a job as an LGBTQ+ graduate - find out when and how to disclose your sexuality, what to do if you face discrimination and how to identify inclusive employers.

If you've secured a job interview

 If you have feedback on any of our existing content or any thoughts/suggestions on topics we don't currently cover on the site, please get in touch at

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