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About Faculty of Business and Law

You want to be a better leader

We know what it takes to make one. Our International Business School is at the forefront of creative and contemporary business practice. We’re pioneering Active Learning in the university because this is how business works in the real world – collaboration with many disciplines and personalities every day is inevitable, so you and your fellow students will be the main contributors to the classroom. And you’ll be able put theory into practice wherever possible, through things like start-up competitions and work placement opportunities at inspiring companies.

You know that your experiences are what really make you

We want your degree to relate to you as much as possible. That’s why we’ve introduced the option to take a 10-week work placement instead of completing a final dissertation or project on some of our courses. This way, you can conclude your Masters by applying what you learnt during the year to real business scenarios.

10-week work placement is an option on:

  • MSc Accounting and Finance
  • MSc Marketing
  • MSc International Hospitality and Tourism
  • MSc International Business

And if you’re destined to own your own business?

Our Start-up Lab gives entrepreneurial students free mentorship, and our Be Your Own Boss seminars offer networking opportunities and inside knowledge from big names in local and national business.


MSc Accounting and Finance - 10-week work placement available

You’re ready to reach the very top of your profession. We’ll give you the skills and expertise you need to become a Finance Director of an international corporation.

Our modules in International Accounting and Global Financial Markets are geared towards this type of career progression and will allow you to understand and practice accounting on a global scale. On our course you’ll learn with live trading data from our Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab for insights into current strategic approaches in accounting and financial analysis.

Master of Business Administration – MBA - Level 7 CMI Diploma

You want change: in your career, your organisation or your business. But your time is valuable, so you need to know an MBA will suit your individual needs.

We’ve designed our MBA to provide a toolkit for practitioners like you, whatever your ultimate goals. Our course is agile and practical. This means it responds to the ever-evolving landscape and is measured through your performance in task-based assessments.

Human Resource Management

You’re ready to progress in your career – but you want the strongest professional qualifications under your belt as you pursue your ambitions.

Our postgraduate courses in human resource management are for people already working in HR and are designed to help you meet the demands of current, international business models. With the constant movement of workforce and resource in today’s global market, HR specialists are now taking a strategic approach to make their organisation as efficient as possible. See our courses below:

Human Resource Management - MA

Human Resource Management MA Stage 3 only (Top-Up) - MA

Human Resource Management (CIPD - day release) - PG Dip

MSc Marketing - 10-week work placement available

You want to pave the way in effective and measurable marketing – and distinguish yourself as an innovator in this fast-paced and competitive sector.

As businesses become more marketing savvy, they’re demanding proof that their marketing is working. Our course will give you the skills you need to measure the performance of your marketing techniques through data and technology, putting you at the forefront of the communications industry.

MSc International Business - 10-week work placement available

Your ambition knows no limits – you want the skills and knowledge to propel you to the very top of the international business sphere.

Our MSc is a challenging and forward-thinking analysis of global business, and explores the role of economic, political, environmental and technological influences. With Brexit set to remodel the international trade scene and technological advancements changing the nature of business itself, our course will give you the expertise to deal with the highly complex demands of international trade, commerce and industry.

You’ll also have the opportunity to spend a term abroad in either Switzerland or The Netherlands, and receive a dual degree as a result.


MSc International Hospitality & Tourism - 10-week work placement available

You’re ready to join the exciting and demanding industry of international tourism. Our specialist management course can help you achieve your goals and become the leader you want to be. You’ll develop real skills that mean something beyond your degree in marketing, decision making and sustainable business practice.

Tourism has been continuously expanding and diversifying, creating unexpected career opportunities for those with savvy business acumen. You’ll be based in Cambridge, a renowned tourist destination where you can apply what you learn to the industries around you.

MSc Management

You know that leaders aren’t born, they’re made. If you’re in a junior or middle
management position we can give you the skills you need to step up and thrive in a senior management role.

Our course will prepare you for the integral strategic decision-making that senior managers are faced with every day through specialist modules and team-based learning. You can also take modules in entrepreneurship and brand management, giving you the highly sought after skills to make start-ups and branding successful from a logistic point of view.


MSc Supply Chain Management

You know long-term success takes more than good business sense. You want to understand business on a holistic level, from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

Our MSc Supply Chain Management will give you the skills to streamline the supply chain of national and international organisations – whether you want to change career direction, move up in your current role or make your own business more efficient. You’ll also learn in the Bloomberg Financial Suite, so you can access rich information about the supply chains of the world’s largest corporations.

How to apply

It’s not too late to join us in September 2019. Apply online via our course pages.

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