Introducing… MBA International Marketing


Professor Gareth Griffiths, postgraduate director of studies at Bangor Business School, introduces the MBA in International Marketing

What makes this programme popular with students?

Marketing is an exciting and dynamic field, and students know that online marketing - including social media - is probably growing faster than any other career.

This relatively new programme takes a global approach to exploring the principles, theory and practice of marketing within the context of business and management, and focuses on developing academic and applied skills in areas including digital advertising, brand management, public relations and market research. It also covers finance, business strategy and organisational performance.

What's more, Bangor is Graduate Gateway-accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), meaning that graduates of this particular programme are eligible for exemptions from some modules of the CIM's professional qualifications should they decide to pursue them later in their careers.

What facilities are available to students?

There is free Wi-Fi across the campus, computer rooms that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, dedicated study areas, and a number of well-stocked libraries with access to journals and other e-resources, plus books, newspapers, reports and research papers.

This is combined with state-of-the art facilities, including a brand-new arts and innovation centre (Pontio), and a recently refurbished gym and sports hall. Our students' union offers a huge number of free-to-join sports clubs and societies - covering every interest from photography to Quidditch.

How does the programme prepare students for employment?

It prepares students for a career in marketing and equips them with the skills to work in a global market. Students cultivate a wide set of desirable and transferable skills, including strategic analysis, problem solving, decision making, time management, presentation, self-motivation and teamwork. All of these competencies are valued by employers from all industries.

Students also gain an understanding of the latest developments and trends, and a sound knowledge of how businesses operate holistically - opening doors to careers in other business areas.

In addition, our excellent and experienced Careers and Employability Service provides one-to-one support to students, helping them to enhance their employability through improving their CVs, interview skills and application techniques.

What do graduates do?

Some of our graduates have set up their own businesses, while others have gone into advertising, brand management, sales management, customer service, public relations and market research.

Increasingly, graduates work in social media and other online marketing roles; the 'Consumer Behaviour in a Global and Digital World' module helps to prepare students for this.

What qualities are you looking for in prospective students?

We're interested in students who are eager to develop their existing knowledge and expertise of marketing, who have some business acumen and who are curious enough to ask questions, conduct independent research and keep up to date with the latest trends.

Finally, why should students choose this programme?

The CIM exemptions, plus our range of innovative, cutting-edge modules that reflect the latest developments in marketing and the business world, differentiate our programme from others.

Instead of the traditional dissertation, for example, students complete the 'international marketing project' component. This makes up a third of the MBA, and requires students to put into practice the skills and insights that they have gained to help solve a real-world marketing problem - just as they would in their career.