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2021/22 edition

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BARBRI is an online legal educator specialising in innovative testing and learning technology to help law graduates and lawyers succeed in achieving their legal qualification with a particular emphasis on agile and flexible learning. Its unique courses can prepare you for the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) through to becoming a solicitor in England and Wales, as well as offering dual-qualification opportunities to become an attorney in New York or California.

BARBRI helps candidates through this critical point in their lives and legal careers. They have maintained that trust for over 50 years helping more than 1.3 million law students and lawyers succeed in legal exams across the globe.

BARBRI’s SQE Prep course

BARBRI’s Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) preparation courses utilise innovative online technology to provide students with a structured and supportive learning environment. Time and cost-effective courses are flexible and adaptable, providing students with all the tools needed for success in SQE1 & 2.

Course Features

BARBRI’s SQE1 course provides a comprehensive and tailored study of core legal principles with instantaneous online feedback, coupled with face-to-face workshops and 1:1 mentor support, and is available full or part-time. The course also includes a complimentary pre-SQE foundational course for non-law graduates. SQE2 preparation combines personalised 1:1 supervision and feedback, with practice-based skills scenarios and developmental tasks, to build competence and confidence.


The SQE can be undertaken by anyone who has a degree, whether in law or otherwise. This means that the path of becoming a solicitor is open to any student who has completed an undergraduate degree, provided they fulfil the remainder of the requirements, such as obtaining the necessary two years of Qualifying Work Experience (QWE), meeting English language requirements, in addition to passing the SQE.

BARBRI has provided a number of course options for students to choose from, depending on their time commitment, level of familiarity with the subjects, offering students the opportunity to earn whilst they learn.

The course is super flexible so I can study whenever and wherever I want. The SQE Prep course really fits in with my life [...] The materials that I get given by BARBRI are so exam-focused - you only get taught what you need to know to pass the exam.

Maddison Berry

SQE1 Prep

For law students

  • Full-time 10-week programme
  • Part-time 20-week programme

Non-law students

  • Full-time 20-week programme
  • Part-time 40-week programme

SQE2 Prep

  • Part-time 12-week programme

With proven expertise in functioning legal knowledge and skills-based testing methodology, BARBRI is best placed to prepare the next generation of innovative, adaptable and diverse lawyers.

How and when to apply

The SQE1 will be assessed for the first time in November 2021. Enrolment is already open for this intake. Subscribe for updates and SQE developments here.

Dual-Qualification Options

BARBRI also prepares law students and lawyers to become attorneys in New York and California through its Extended U.S. Bar Prep. The course has seen students successfully through to dual-qualification with excellent results. 76% of non-U.S. educated students who completed 70%+ of BARBRI coursework passed a U.S. bar exam on their first attempt. You can find out more information on this here.

BARBRI also provides the Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme (QLTS) which dual-qualifies foreign lawyers as solicitors in England and Wales. Our students have consistently scored an average of 80% on their first attempt, as opposed to the overall average of 55%. This is a testament to the application of BARBRI’s learning tools and experience in the context of the jurisdiction of England and Wales. You can find out more on the QLTS Prep here.

Meet the BARBRI Team

The BARBRI team is always willing to help you with further information, determine the best course for you. Feel free to attend one of our events or meet a member of our team here.

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