Case study

Malvika Nighojkar — MSc International Hospitality & Tourism Management student

Bournemouth Univeristy

Malvika received a scholarship to study her conversion course at Bournemouth University and enjoyed the healthy mix of home and international students

Why did you choose to study in the UK?

Of all the options, I perceived the UK to be the most student-friendly. Additionally, the British Council's involvement in promoting Education UK through workshops and seminars was a big draw. The English language was a plus, and most universities offered attractive scholarships.

Why did you choose this university and course?

Bournemouth University had fantastic scholarships for this course and I was fortunate enough to receive one that supported my tuition fees. The course had an interesting mix of units that are relevant to industry and a one-year placement option that enhances employability, especially for international students. As this was a conversion course, there was little difficulty in grasping concepts since I have a Bachelors in psychology.

Throughout the application stage, I received a lot of positive support from the admissions and recruitment team. Another factor I considered was the healthy mix of home and international students in the university. The university's location was also a decisive factor for me - I preferred to live in a smaller coastal student town than a large bustling city.

How has the university supported you during your course?

The biggest support has come from my tutors, who encouraged me to study topics I was interested in. My supervisor, especially, pushed me to apply for internships and research opportunities in the emerging field of smart tourism, and also enabled new platforms for me to showcase my research, including international trade events and conferences.

Extra-curricular activities with the Students' Union and Global BU have shaped my international learning experience. In addition to hosting and managing several cultural events, I also had opportunities to learn and network in China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

What are your plans for after graduation?

Before my Masters, I did not think I enjoyed research, but my perspective has completely changed now. I may consider studying further, but first I would like to work with destination management organisations or with travel technology companies to understand the industry better and apply my degree. Eventually, I hope to return to India and work at improving the travel sector.

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