Introducing… MSc Production Engineering Management


Professor Andrew Thomas is programme leader of MSc Production Engineering Management at Cardiff Metropolitan University

What makes this programme popular with students?

This Masters degree develops highly innovative industry leaders of the future. Graduates from a range of disciplines can complete this programme on a full- or part-time basis, and benefit from high-quality, industry-led teaching.

What does the programme involve?

It offers a range of modules that teach key industry skills. They are delivered from a research-focused perspective, via case studies and practical problem-solving assignments.

The course is co-delivered with our MSc in International Supply Chain and Logistics Management, which I'm also programme leader of. Students from both programmes attend the first semester together in order to complete a core set of modules. The second semester sees students of both programmes progress onto discipline-specific modules, before completing their industry-based technical report in semester three.

What facilities are available to students?

The programme is taught at our Llandaff campus, which is fully equipped with the latest teaching and learning technologies. Individual modules have additional specialist software for experimentation, simulation and statistical analysis.

What industry links does the programme have?

Strong industry connections are at the heart of this programme. It has been co-designed with our industrial partners, and is supplemented by industrial visits and guest lectures from industry leaders. The programme maintains its industrial relevance through dialogue with EEF in Wales and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

We work closely with industry, as well as the university's careers service and skills coaches, to develop students' technical and employability skills. These connections enable students to obtain a deeper understanding of the key requirements of a career in production engineering management, which helps them to gain high-quality employment.

What do graduates do?

Our range of modules in leadership and management assist graduates in seeking employment in areas such as general management, consultancy and business process improvement, plus more specific areas such as operations management, production planning, logistics and transport management, project management, and quality and reliability management.

Finally, why should students choose this programme?

It is one of the only courses of its kind in the UK. Close industry connections, plus a strong research- and industry-led curriculum, ensure that the course content is cutting-edge and in line with what employers need from graduates.

Problem-based assignment work and in-company project opportunities ensure that graduates are able to align their skills and knowledge to a wide range of industry sectors, thus significantly enhancing their employment prospects.

Meanwhile, students who are already employed have the opportunity to enhance their existing skillset, and be fully equipped with the new knowledge to make a significant impact on their companies and chances of promotion.