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Catolica Lisbon, School of Business & Economics

2017/18 edition

About Catolica Lisbon, School of Business & Economics

Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics was in 2014 and for the 7th consecutive time considered the leading school in Portugal according to the Financial Times rankings. We see our claim to be among the Top 25 business schools in Europe confirmed and are well positioned to continue a trajectory of success during the next years.

Moreover, Católica Lisbon is one of the very few schools in the world holding the famous Triple Crown accreditation and it has been named the first Program Partner in Portugal by CFA Institute, the global association for investment professionals.

Founded more than 40 years ago, Católica Lisbon is a leading school of economics and management in Portugal. Católica Lisbon has a long-standing reputation for innovative teaching and rigorous academic research. The school is strongly committed to intellectual rigor, critical thinking and academic excellence.

Católica Lisbon also has outstanding connections to the corporate world and a high level of corporate involvement in the school. Many Católica Lisbon alumni hold CEO positions or sit on executive boards. The achievements of our alumni indicate that our mission of developing outstanding graduates for high-level careers in Business and Economics is being fulfilled.

CATÓLICA-LISBON has developed an international profile over the last few years by recruiting faculty staff from the best American and European schools. Currently, more than a third of our professors are from outside Portugal, with 12 different nationalities represented. Furthermore, a large number of foreign students choose to study at Católica Lisbon and our students have the opportunity to study abroad due to the large number of exchange agreements established with top international schools.

Católica Lisbon was the first Portuguese business school to be accredited by AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA and one of the very few schools in the world holding the famous Triple Crown accreditation. This acknowledgment by the three main accreditation agencies for management education, represent the international recognition of our programs' academic excellence, ensuring that they meet the most demanding international standards.

Católica Lisbon was the first Portuguese school to be ranked among the top European business schools according to the Financial Times. Católica Lisbon is now the only Portuguese business school among Europe's Top 25. Moreover, Católica Lisbon has been named the first program partner in Portugal by the CFA® Institute, the global association for investment professionals that awards the prestigious CFA® designation.

Our innovative MSc programs in Economics, Management and Finance will give you a firm foundation in principles and practice, teach you new skills and concepts enrich your thinking and launch your career in the modern business world.
We look forward to welcoming you on campus.

Program key features

Lisbon scene

Individual talent

  • Identify your talent at the very start of the program thanks to our rigorous assessment center.
  • Build your foundation: consolidate your knowledge in the fundamentals with a group of core courses.
  • Design your profile: match your talent to a Master.
  • Strengthen your talent during your masters with the help of our Career Development Office and Leadership Lab staff.


  • A network with the Best Business Schools Worldwide.
  • International Immersion: choose an exchange semester abroad, a Double Degree or a International Triangle Program.
  • A passport to the world: Católica Lisbon develops in students a global mindset preparing you to work in a multicultural context and provides international


  • Learn new language skills as an open door to the world.

Immersion in the business world

  • 97% of Católica Lisbon master students are placed in the job market within three months after graduation.
  • Católica Lisbon students have access to our outstanding alumni with high-level careers in Business and Economics through the Mentoring Program.
  • At Católica Lisbon, students have access to internships, company based projects and entrepreneurial start-up projects and participate in ventures with companies and NGO. For example, CATÓLICA-LISBON students started microcredit projects in Africa helping finance start-up companies managed by local communities.

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Our credentials are achieved through a successful combination of world-class students and faculty, strong curricula, innovative applied-learning projects, partnerships with prestigious business schools worldwide and a close connection with the corporate world.

Católica Lisbon is known for its academic rigor and also for the quality of the students experience during the program and their access to the marketplace after graduation.

Catolica university building


The Lisbon Campus has an area of around 37,000 m2, plus a separate space of around 12,000 m2, which is yet to be developed.

It has four buildings offering 43000 m2, which house classrooms, auditoria, IT rooms, the library, the Rector's office, the administrative and academic services department, a conference center, bar, canteens and a restaurant, seating and function spaces, the bookshop/stationer and copy shop, and a bank branch.


Since the start of the academic year 1994/1995 Católica Lisbon has been located in a modern building that reflects the Catholic university´s powerful renovation drive of recent years. The building has large, open spaces that are full of light and interact to create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. This provides the conditions for students to experience an intense university environment, accompanied by a stimulating and demanding system of education that takes full advantage of all the opportunities offered by new technology.


The school has modern IT and audiovisual equipment, some of which is located in work areas that are always open to students, even at night and during weekends.

João Paulo II Library (BUJPII)

In addition to the spaces and services in the faculty building, Católica Lisbon students can also use the other infrastructures at the Lisbon campus, especially the João Paulo II Library (BUJPII), whose high-quality space and vast collection of books mean that it is rightly considered to be one of the best university libraries in the country.

The library was opened on the Lisbon campus in 1987, and the first stone was blessed by Pope John Paul II on 14 May 1982, during a visit to Portugal from 12 to 15 May. The library is now one of the most important sections of the Catholic university, acting as the center for bibliography, documents and research at UCP.

Bar, canteens and restaurants

All buildings offer light meals. The canteens serve lunches and dinners. To take advantage of the subsidized pricing, students, teachers and other staff must show a UCP card.

Eurest Canteen and Bar
Católica Lisbon Building, Floor 0
Canteen opening hours: 12pm-3pm and 7pm-9pm, Mon-Fri; 12:3pm-2pm Sat
Bar opening hours: 7.30am-8pm, Mon-Fri

Espaço Fernando Bar João Paulo II University Library Building, Floor 0
Opening hours: 8.30am-6.30pm, Mon-Fri 8.30am-11.45am, Sat

Student life

At Católica Lisbon we care for our students! Each student's development is supervised by experienced professionals because you are special. Students, professors and staff develop a strong sense of community, working together towards common goals. That's why at Católica Lisbon your experience will be unique. We care about your development and we make sure that day-by-day you enhance your personal and professional skills and get ready for the world.

Católica Lisbon identifies each individual’s merits and strengths and by doing so helps you find your path, open horizons and unleash your full potential.

Interaction with society, colleagues and the market has become key to our students' development. Católica Lisbon offers every student the first part of their interactions at the very start of the program: the induction days. Also, the Mentoring Program is designed to create interaction between you and an alumnus so that you can guide your development and deepen your understanding of your career. Executives on campus is another program that often brings the Portugal's top executives to Católica Lisbon to share their experience with the students.

However, your student life will be complete if you partner with your colleagues and create projects which understand the business environment or help society. At Católica Lisbon we stimulate and support our students in every project that can enhance student life. You just need an idea and we will happily support you to move forward.

See below details of some programs that you will find at Católica Lisbon and to which we hope you can add more value and bring more ideas!

Induction days

At the beginning of every intake we have several events to welcome all new students. The induction activities will help you to get an insight into the Católica Lisbon spirit. You will have the opportunity to meet all your new colleagues, the professors and the staff.

You will attend a welcome session, a cocktail party, outdoor activities, and sport activities among many others!
Watch the video Mastering Lisbon for activities Master's Students can enjoy at Católica Lisbon

Mentoring Program

Leaders who help form anew generation of leaders

  • More than 900 Mentors and Mentees in 2014

What is the Mentoring Program?

The Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics Mentoring Program founded in 2007, is an unique and innovative project for student's personal and career development through the contact with a former student of our school.

Our Alumni have a strong relationship with Católica Lisbon, co-operating, in many ways, to the school’s development and maintenance of its values. It is within this spirit that alumni participate in the mentoring program and contribute to creating a new generation of leaders. The mentoring relationship is based on trust.

Our Alumni, who are leading and working in many Portuguese and International companies in Portugal and abroad, are available to mentor either Portuguese or international students.

The Mentoring Program is open to all undergraduate and master students who are currently enrolled in the program.

How does the Mentoring Program work?

Each student enrolled in the Program will be assigned a Mentor, an Alumnus of Católica Lisbon. The students will have the opportunity to discuss their academic progress and career perspectives with their Mentor, benefiting from his/her knowledge and expertise, as well as, from the Mentor's professional network.

The mentoring relationship is based on trust and personal knowledge. In this relationship, one experienced individual (the mentor) helps another (the mentee) through orientation and counseling regarding his/her personal and professional development.

The Mentoring Program consists in scheduling two to three annual meetings with the Mentor and maintaining contact (i.e. email and/or phone) throughout the year.

At the beginning of the academic year, the school will organize workshops for both Mentors and Mentees explaining how the program works.

For further information please contact:
Mentoring Program
Alumni Relations Office
Telefone/Fax: 21 7225070

Career Development
Executives on Campus

In each of the three sessions, a professional with an acknowledged career comes to the school to share his perspective on his/her professional path, regarding his current position, his career path, from the start, and what he learned along the way.

The names of the invitees will be shared before the first session takes place.

Students learn, directly from professionals that are acknowledged in their fields, what it took to build different successful careers, and take lessons to apply to their own lives, including:

  • Professional success and meaning – what executives value most about what they do today and why it is important for them
  • Career paths – different ways to start a career and develop it perspectives on careers in their field – how industry trends are affecting and designing careers
  • Lessons – most important lessons along their careers and how they emerged
  • Qualities – top executives value in their teams and in themselves, and how to nurture and develop them

“Executives on campus could not have started in a better way! It completely exceeded my expectations. The lessons and advices we can take from these sessions are infinite.

For me, to hear from a successful business woman that has achieved amazing things in her professional career, who simultaneously keeps family as the first priority, was really encouraging!”

Ana Castro Guimarães, Master student September 2014

Networking events

This format ensures close contact and interaction with highly motivated students for a career in a specific sector. It is an effective way to identify potential candidates and increase the company’s brand awareness among Católica Lisbon students. Normally there are 6 companies in a room with 36 students, doing rounds of 20 minutes (total of 2 hours).

Career forum

During one day, about 50 companies interact with Católica Lisbon students through stands, recruitment presentations or workshops, networking events and interviews on-campus, among other.

Company presentation

A 30’ to 60’ presentation on campus. The main goal is for companies to present themselves and/or their recruitment opportunities.

Company workshops

Companies can offer a workshop on a wide range of topics on how to succeed in an international career, among other things.

Open day

Students have the opportunity to visit the companies onsite (e.g: have a company presentation in order to understand the business, visit the different departments and meet the different managers, look at the case study or challenge, have a meeting with the HR department, etc).


Católica Lisbon students have the opportunity to do voluntary work for up to six months in Mozambique, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe and Timor, helping the local people to create and develop their own businesses.

Set up by Católica Lisbon students in 2009, MOVE is a microcredit-garantie NGO with ongoing activity in several countries. MOVE has already helped over 50 small business owners.


Informations about the city

  • 252 average number of sunny days per year
  • 26ºC - Average Summer temperature
  • 10 million tourists a year
  • 7th most-visited city in Europe
  • 113 days per year with just over 0,1mm (0,004in) of rainfall
  • 280 million people speak Portuguese
  • 1756km of beaches
  • 28 tram no: perfect way to discover Lisbon
  • 4th most spoken language in the world
  • Nine sunny hours per day
  • 80+ museums and galleries
  • 33+ music festivais
  • 30 m: biggest wave ever surfed
  • 4th most beautiful city in the world
  • Number one top business school in Portugal

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