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Postgraduate in Graphic Design and Publishing Projects

ELISAVA - Barcelona School of Design and Engineering · ELISAVA - Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

Entry requirements

Design Graduates. Fine Arts Graduates. Professionals or academics with proven experience.

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The structure of this programme is based on three practical projects which are worked on exhaustively throughout the course.

1. Publishing design and project - Content service
We will study the characteristics of publishing projects based on parameters we will have to establish as bases for the periodic publication of information and/or pre-established contents (magazines, press, etc.).
Detecting the complexity involved in limiting structure, typography, editing, rhythm, etc., in which the versatility of the decisions taken will dictate whether the browsing, reading and understanding of the information published will come naturally to the recipient.

2. The content-based design of the publishing project
It takes the nature of the content as a starting point, and is constructed specifically for this content. Monographs, thematic books, catalogues and even collections, in which designers must perform an immersion exercise and extract conclusions which then have to be reflected in the project. The decision-making involved in any publishing project becomes more complex when the medium, format, finishes, etc., become an added communication element.

3. The digital publishing project
New formats, new media, new requirements in a world where access to information and contents is immediate. Devising new media, in which recipients sift the information and decide which type they want and when they want it.
Designers must anticipate new forms of publishing products adapted to new digital media in which the complexity not only lies in the correct choice of typography, colour, image, structure, etc., but also in anticipating the limits or non-limits of extending, consulting and researching the contents, aiming for innovative and intuitive usability which seduces users.

4. Workshops with case studies and project workshops
There will be four workshops running in parallel to the projects with a more concise format. Becoming aware of how content determines publication. Ranging from the trend magazine in the self-produced fanzine and including the importance of image and desktop publishing in the publishing sector. Real cases will be used to produce immediate and surprising proposals in the workshops.

5. Typography consultancy
Throughout the course, well-known typography professionals answer questions about the subject which have arisen whilst producing the projects.

6. Conferences and case studies
Conferences and/or case studies are scheduled throughout the course with prestigious national and international speakers who provide new views, reflections and references which further knowledge of the exercise of the graphic designer profession in the publishing sector based on their own experiences.

7. Publishing production
We will study the production side of projects at the same time as their development. Formats, paper, printing type, bindings, finishes, handling, etc. Monitoring of the entire production process, studying all the professions involved, with theoretical classes and visits.

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full time
5 months

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Nuria Garcia
+(34) 93 553 59 04