Case study

Alexa Baumgaertner — MSc Marketing and Creativity

ESCP Europe Business School

Alexa studied the MSc in Marketing and Creativity at ESCP Europe and now works in international marketing at Beiersdorf, Hamburg

Why did you decide to pursue a postgraduate course?

I wanted to educate myself further in the marketing field and felt that there was more to learn than what my undergraduate studies taught me. I also wanted to improve my career opportunities.

Why did you choose this postgraduate course and institution?

The course offers a unique combination of subjects and works very closely with companies on projects and assignments, which makes it very practical and hands-on.

The school also has an international network of campuses, teachers and classmates and this really appealed to me.

Did you take up further study immediately after your first degree?

I did a gap Year in which I completed three internships; two of them in Germany and one abroad in the USA.

What did the course teach you that your first degree did not?

It taught me to go beyond existing frameworks and to think out of the box.

I developed a sensibility for different cultures and their marketing requirements and got to know many different industries that I hadn’t crossed path with before.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of further study?

Advantages include:

  • in-depth exploration of your chosen area of study
  • expanding academic knowledge
  • extending (international) networks
  • increased job opportunities
  • greater earning potential.

Disadvantages include:

  • being out of the world of work for the duration of your studies. This can affect a student's ability to support themselves financially and set back career opportunities where experience is valued
  • the demanding nature of postgraduate study. You should be prepared for the personal commitment.

What areas of work could you go into as a result of your further study?

The MSc has qualified me for the global marketing department at Beiersdorf. My undergraduate degree would have restricted me to the Communications & PR department.

It also qualifies me for international positions as it was an international programme.

What tips would you give to others choosing a Masters degree?

Make sure to align it with further career plans, as the Masters will be considered more than your first degree.

Masters programmes are also much more challenging than an undergraduate degree. Make sure that your chosen course is in a field that you are passionate about.

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