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Sebastjan Zibert — MSc in Energy Management (intake 2014)

ESCP Business School - London Campus
Sebastjan Zibert

Sebastjan studied the MSc in Energy Management at ESCP Europe Business School in London. He now works in the trading and supply department of one of the major oil and gas companies

Why did you decide to pursue a postgraduate course?

I wanted to focus on and specialise in the field of energy. A Masters in Energy Management was the rational choice as it gave me the knowledge and first-hand industry experience to increase my chances of landing the job I wanted.

Why did you choose this postgraduate course and institution?

I chose it for its reputation and carefully constructed program and it was everything I expected it to be and beyond. I gained comprehensive knowledge about the energy industry with enough freedom after graduation to choose which part of the business I wanted to work in.

Did you take up further study immediately after your first degree?

During my Bachelors I got the chance to work in professional basketball. As a past player this was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss. I worked as an assistant manager in different basketball teams in Greece and Russia for a couple of years. Upon my return home I decided to continue pursuing a career in the energy sector.

What are the advantages of further study?

The advantages and disadvantages depend on the individual and what you want to get out of your studies. I believe that anyone who decides to do further study should already know what kind of career they want to pursue.

I definitely gained more knowledge and experience in energy-related subjects and that made me more visible to the companies I wanted to work in. It expanded my professional network through the alumni association and attending different school-related events.

What areas of work could you go into as a result of your further study?

Any area where companies deal with energy-related subjects. It can be across different departments within the company or different sectors such as finance, banking, consulting or trading.

What advice would you give to others choosing a Masters degree?

Think about what you want to do in life and what field you want to work in. A Masters degree can definitely help you to expand your knowledge and increase your chances of securing a job.

I would recommend, if possible, having a few years’ experience of working before deciding to study further.

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