Entry requirements

You should have an undergraduate degree of at least second class standard in a relevant subject.

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Increasingly, no matter how we live, we know this 'world' primarily through the experience of living within and between cities. These cities continuously provide new challenges to understanding the constraints and potentials of both human and non-human life.

But how do we understand this experience? What do we do with it in terms of making new forms of social life, new ways of living with others? Particularly, how do we draw upon the experience of urban residents from across the world to rethink the conditions for effective and just urban lives?

The MA Cities and Society is a research and training programme designed to support strategic interventions in urban governance, design, institution-building and change, as well as social-spatial development. The programme focuses in particular on:

The organisation of contemporary urban economies, including the production of built and virtual environments, physical and social infrastructure

  • The ways in which different forms of economic accumulation and economic practices impact upon cities, and how any city reflects a particular set of constraints and possibilities
  • The proliferation of technical systems, media, and practices of interpretation and organisation that change our notions about the ‘proper’ use of things and bodies
  • The intersections of finance, governance, ecology, and culture in producing multiple forms for assessing urban futures; particularly calculations of risk, sustainability, productivity and creativity

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part time
24 months
full time
12 months

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+44 (0)20 7078 5300