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Poultry Production

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Entry requirements

  • Honours degree (at least a 2.2)
  • A good UK based HND or Foundation Degree, together with related industrial or professional experience of at least two years
  • A Graduate Diploma or Graduate Certificate or equivalent

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Course content

The poultry meat and egg sectors continue to show a consistent growth across all continents, with greater levels of expansion in developing regions of the world. Poultry meat production exceeded 100 milion tons in 2013 with broiler production accounting for all but 10 per cent of this production. With the anticipated expansion in world human population of 9.3 billion primarily in developing countries the demand four poultry meat is expected to continue into the future with India and China representing particularly large markets. Egg production is also expected to continue its expansion. Poultry is a major consumer of animal feed grain, with 40% of the total being used by poultry. There will be competing demands for this feed, which the poultry sector will need to respond to.

The UK poultry industry is characterised by a small number of large integrated companies a position increasingly mirrored on a global scale. Whilst there is a clear opportunity for growth there are a number of known challenges including feed price volatility in the short to medium term, the increased competition for raw materials in the longer term, poultry health, human health related issues (e.g. Campylobacter), concerns over antibiotic use.

The global poultry sector is particularly well placed to address the needs for increasing quantities of animal derived protein, this programme will provide the platform for students to address these and other emerging issues through focused and tailored assignments allowing students to plot their own pathway of learning.

The programme will serve to offer a portfolio of multidisciplinary topics within a selection of specialised integrative modules to advance students’ understanding of the relevant biosciences underpinning poultry farming. This will be presented within a theme of mono-gastric animal production where there are many similarities of principle and scientific approaches.

In summary the course:

  • Supports students to develop a level of understanding and knowledge that allows them to work as subject specialists and lead developments within poultry production systems.
  • Supports students to evaluate the wider consequences of animal production systems, mitigating any detrimental effects on animal welfare, food quality and the natural environment.
  • Supports students in their development of an advanced understanding of the biological factors that limit animal production and the scientific, technological, economic and social factors that influence animal production systems.

Qualification and course duration


full time
12 months
part time
24-36 months


part time
24-36 months
full time
12 months

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+44(0)1952 81 5289