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Hult International Business School

2018/19 edition

About Hult International Business School

A new kind of business school for the global generation.

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The world is changing but most business schools are not. Hult is different. Only Hult allows you to complete your degree while immersing yourself in up to three of the world’s most influential cities, including Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, New York, and Shanghai. Graduate with a global network in place by studying alongside students from over 130 nationalities, and networking with leading employers from around the world.

Graduate programmes at Hult:

Gain a uniquely global perspective by circling the world.

Our pioneering approach allows you to complete your degree while studying in up to three of the world’s most influential cities. Our beautifully designed campuses are centrally located so you’ll experience firsthand the business and cultural practices of the world’s biggest economies. You’ll internationalize your resume while developing a broad network of contacts across multiple continents.

Specialists in helping international students find international jobs.

Each year, we help thousands of students achieve their global career potential. Working one-on-one with our dedicated career development teams,

Last year graduates secured employment at 800 companies in over 60 countries. You’ll benefit from coaching on crafting a personalised job search, high-stakes interview preparation, and workshops on salary negotiations and developing a personal brand.

Dual degree option

Time is your most valuable asset. That’s why our ambitious curriculum allows you to earn a Master of International Business degree or an MBA in just one year, and then have the option to specialize and earn a second Master degree in a further six months (with the option to extend up to nine months). That means you can earn two degrees in the time it would take to complete just one at many traditional business schools.

Students can choose from four different options: International Marketing, Finance, Business Statistics and Disruptive Innovation.

Put theory into practice

You can’t learn business by just sitting in a classroom. That’s why Hult’s unique curriculum teaches you theory and gives you opportunities to practice new business thinking by tackling issues facing some of the world’s most innovative companies through the Hult Business Challenge. Choose either the Corporate Track, where you’ll solve a current problem facing a leading corporation, or the Entrepreneurial Track, where you’ll develop a startup idea of your own.

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