Introducing… MA Management and MA International Business


Dr Anita Mangan is course director of MA Management and MA International Business at Keele Management School

What makes these programmes popular with students?

They like the opportunities that our programmes offer to interact with businesses and graduate employers. They can apply their academic learning to find creative solutions for real-life business problems, and gain confidence in their knowledge and decision-making skills while making a genuine contribution to the local business community.

The appealing mix of academic learning and its practical application is supported by Keele Management School's teaching style. Indeed, the School received a satisfaction rate of 92% in the Higher Education Academy's Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey 2015.

What facilities are available to students?

The university campus is one of the UK's largest, yet it houses one of the smallest student populations. This ensures a secure, spacious and supportive community. We have shops, faith facilities, a library, a pharmacy, a doctor's surgery and a leisure centre.

All Keele Management School postgraduates benefit from the support of a friendly and professional team of administrators. The School hosts events and seminars that you'll be encouraged to be part of - for example, the Culture, Organisations and Markets (COM) group hosts a regular research seminar series, the students' union promotes a variety of volunteering opportunities, and the Careers and Employability team runs an interesting and varied programme of events.

Do students go on any field trips?

Yes, they spend a few days away from campus on the 'creativity and personal development' module. This provides students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in group activities, work on current business problems alongside practitioners, make presentations, and even plan, prepare and serve dinner to invited employers.

We've worked with a very diverse and interesting range of organisations on this module, including a global manufacturing company, a large retail shopping centre and a Premier League football club.

What industry links do the programmes have?

We have well-established links with a range of organisations from the private, public and voluntary sectors through our student consultancy programme.

We've worked with the local NHS, retailers, trade unions, charities and large manufacturing organisations, and continue to develop new links.

Some organisations have a variety of links with us, including guest lectures, consultancy projects, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) and involvement in the 'creativity and personal development' module.

What do graduates do?

Over the past few years we've seen graduates work in telecommunications, real estate, the NHS and the Civil Service. Many others have become teachers, entrepreneurs, market researchers or PhD students.

What qualities are you looking for in prospective students?

We're keen to attract students who demonstrate intellectual curiosity - those who love to innovate and question the status quo. We help these students to develop analytical skills and become creative thinkers.

Finally, why should students choose one of these programmes?

Management skills are needed in all types of jobs and industries, and our programmes will provide you with the tools to become successful in your chosen career. We'll also encourage your development as an independent thinker with the confidence to question the established way of doing things and come up with creative solutions to business problems.