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KIC InnoEnergy Master School

2017/18 edition

About KIC InnoEnergy Master School

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Our seven Masters programmes in sustainable energy offer you a rare combination of engineering and entrepreneurship. All our programmes deliver high quality content, covering a range of subjects considered crucial to meeting today’s global energy challenges.

The opportunities that KIC InnoEnergy gives us are hard to quantify: we meet companies and start-ups, we exchange ideas and cooperate with hundreds of other people with the same goals in life, we develop business knowledge and soft skills that normal engineering degrees would never support you to do. KIC InnoEnergy doesn’t just support us, it encourages us to think outside of the box, to believe in our ideas and fight for them. In the past year and a half I’ve met some of the most interesting and inspiring people I’ve ever met in my life

Federica, RENE Masters
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Worldwide reputation

Our strength comes from our 11 prestigious university partners and two business schools. They are all leading within their fields and rank among the best in Europe. This guarantees high quality courses and teaching. After successfully completing the programme, you’ll receive a double degree, one from each university.

PG subjects available

MSc Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy
Combine study in ‘Fossil and new generation fuels’ and gain an understanding of new technologies in the field, as well as how they integrate with renewables to create high efficiency sustainable power systems.

MSc EMINE – European Master in Nuclear Energy
By offering outstanding technical training and addressing the economic, social and political issues of nuclear energy,
this programme broadens the scope of traditional nuclear education.

MSc ENTECH – Energy Technologies
For engineering students wanting to create the energy technologies of the future. An interdisciplinary set-up and
wide range of specialisation offer great flexibility.

MSc SELECT – Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems
Aimed at true sustainable energy enthusiasts, MSc SELECT maps out the route from basic renewable energy sources to future energy systems, fostering thinking on global responsibility.

MSc SENSE – Smart Electrical Networks and Systems
Focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship connected to the smart grid concept - the electrical power system of the

MSc Energy for Smart Cities
Custom developed for internationally-oriented engineering students wanting to implement modern energy
technologies and entrepreneurial activities in the smart city environment.

MSc RENE – Renewable Energy
Has a unique focus on renewable energy production and its usage connected to business and entrepreneurship.

Too many times innovations die in the labs. I choose KIC InnoEnergy because it combines technology innovation with the entrepreneurial culture necessary to bring solutions to the market

Enrico, RENE Renwable Energy
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Future career prospects

The support from some of the biggest players in the energy sector, including ABB, Total, Iberdrola and EDF, gives you the possibility to connect with your future employer whilst still studying on the Masters programme. Participation of industry is evident in summer schools, study visits, guest lectures, degree projects and internships. You may find yourself working on industry related problems or writing a business plan for a real start-up.

Ninety-three per cent of all our graduates secure a job within six months of graduating - and they earn on average 15 per cent more than their peers.

Find out more about our graduates

I think that studying in two different locations has many advantages: experiencing different teaching approaches, learning different languages, meeting more people, discovering different cultures and of course, achieving two masters degrees in two years.

Federica, RENE Masters

English language support

All our programmes require proficiency in English. This means that all our teachers and students are fluent in English.

Facilities and support arrangements

Most of our partner universities can assist with housing for enrolled students.

More information about how to arrange housing can be found on Housing for international students or by mailing:

My experience was amazing. The ESADE Summer School is incredible, a real life changer. The journey during the first year is spectacular, and the connections inside my programmes helping me to find the internship for my Thesis. I would choose it ten times again!

Enrico – RENE Masters

Fees, funding and costs

All our programmes are free for students from the EU/EEA. There are also scholarships available for excellent students.


Our strong international mobility concept means that you spend your first year at one university, your second year at another. Most programmes also have the possibility for a summer school or internship.

After successfully completing the programme, you’ll receive a double degree, one from each university.

You can find more information about mobility in each programme´s outline page.


Most of our partner universities can assist with housing for enrolled students.

More information about how to arrange housing can be found on Housing for international students or by contacting:


All our partner universities are located in cities with vibrant student life. Some of them known as the best student cities in Europe. More information about the locations of our partner universities can be found by clicking on “Living, studying and working” on our website.

Since all cities are characterised by an international environment all kinds of food are available in restaurants and shops.

All EU citizens enjoy gaining access to local healthcare systems on the same terms and conditions as the citizens in that country.

How to apply

Application is open until April 30th 2016. More information about deadlines.

I was always interested in entrepreneurship and KIC InnoEnergy not only gave me a great education in this but also provided me with a vast network of people, which is always really helpful for a start-up

Govinda, SELECT Masters



Hi my name is Milan,
I’m a second year student on the Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels programme. My two years are coming to an end with the graduation in December and I would like to tell you the value that this programme has brought me during my studies.

My interest was to study fuels and the technology for their utilisation. When I checked the syllabus of this programme before applying, I knew I was at the right place for my next education degree. Moreover, this programme contained a lot of additional activities for the enrolled students, some which provided a totally new experience for me.

Some examples to name a few: I attended a Boiler conference in Poland, a field trip around Austria and I’ve attended conferences and symposia in which we as students got to contribute significantly. And in addition, I’ve co-written two scientific articles, got a summer internship in a company, received entrepreneurship training in Portugal and attend the European Utility Week.

During the study in Poland, the classes were conducted for a small compact group of students, which resulted in great efficiency and we developed great teamwork skills. The implemented approach of “Learning by doing” is a great practical way of teaching students the required theory and at the same time preparing them for work on real life projects.

Getting close to graduation, I am thankful for all the activities provided by this programme, support from administration, soft skills training, and all the required connections to transit from education to a graduate work position. I strongly recommend it as a unique innovative programme for the fuels sector.

Milan Zlatkovikj,
Second year Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels programme
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