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Energy2.0: Digitisation of energy to create customer value

Lancaster University · Lancaster University

Entry requirements

The successful candidate will need to have an undergraduate degree graded 2:1 or higher. The degree must be in a related discipline.

This research project will suit a graduate who is comfortable handling large amounts of data to turn it into specific, actionable insight, is interested in the energy market and exploring the social dimensions of what drives energy consumption.

Application deadline: 21st April 2017

Months of entry

October, September, August, July, June

Course content

3 Year Industry-led Funded PhD: Ref. No. CGE54.

Our society is becoming increasingly connected and transitioning to become digital first. As part of this transformation, smart meters are being installed in every UK household by 2020, generating huge amounts of data. Alongside this, new information, control, generation and storage systems are becoming available to domestic users. This has the potential to revolutionise the way in which consumers understand, use and contribute to their energy needs.

This PhD project will investigate how consumers can benefit from new value introduced to them by their energy supplier and services providers stimulated by the data available from smart meters and beyond into the connected environment. The project will consider how consumers respond to the opportunity to reduce, time shift, destroy and satisfy their demand using options arising from the new connected infrastructure integrated across solutions such as portals and mobile applications, in home displays, consumer access devices, storage and micro generation options. The aim is to develop an understanding of what customers really value in this changing energy mix and link an understanding of customers’ behaviour and preferences to the offers, service and tariffs available from the data driven, future utility companies.

The project will critique the effectiveness of smart meters in the home and work already undertaken on establishing the link between changing behaviour and social conventions. This research will co-create solutions for the home and online services that inform and empower individuals and communities to make more conscious and informed decisions about electricity use. Analysis of Utiligroup data will be undertaken to define a series of user types and their behaviour regarding energy use, established tariffs and switching behaviour.

Information for international students

If English is not your first language, we need you to have an appropriate qualification in English i.e. A score of 6.5 in IELTS (with a minimum of 6.0 in each component), or a minimum overall mark of 93 in TOEFL.

Please also note that tuition fees of £12,964 per year will need to be paid upfront by international students.

Fees and funding

UK students
Fully funded for UK/EU students
International students
For non-EU, £12,964 per year

This position is fully funded for UK/EU students, meaning that the tuition fees are paid for by the partner business (Utilisoft). Fees for Non EU/UK graduates are subsidised from £17,085 per year to £12,964 per year.

You will also receive a tax-free stipend of £15,000 per year (regardless of nationality).

Qualification and course duration


full time
36 months

Course contact details

Centre for Global Eco-Innovation