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North American Studies

Leiden University · Humanities

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Course specific entry requirements available at http://en.mastersinleiden.nl/programmes/north-american-studies/en/introduction

Months of entry

September, February

Course content

The strengths of Leiden University’s Master’s programme in North American Studies lie particularly in African-American history and literature, U.S. political history and foreign policy, immigrant and ethnic studies in the U.S., and (public) memory and memorialization (for example of 9/11). Although some attention is paid to Canada and Mexico in a number of courses, the main focus in this program is on the United States.

The idea that the United States is exceptional is widely held among Americans, but also vigorously contested. The question of what is unique to U.S. history and culture, and what is not, is one of the scholarly and theoretical debates explored in the interdisciplinary MA programme in North American Studies at Leiden University. The inspiring academic environment offered by Leiden University allows you to explore major issues in the history, literature and culture of the U.S., but also lets you undertake in-depth studies of specific historical and literary topics.

Graduates in North American Studies go on to a variety of careers in teaching, journalism, radio and TV, politics, government, publishing and research, as well as other fields that call for academic training and skills.In the Netherlands, Leiden is a leading center of research in American Studies, and has an international faculty and student body. The Leiden history department has the Netherlands’ only endowed chair in American history, the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Chair of U.S. History and Culture, occupied by Professor Adam Fairclough.

At Leiden University, master’s students study U.S. history, literature and culture, as part of an integrated approach to American Studies. This enables you to discover connections between historical events and cultural and literary developments. You can, for example, investigate how the struggle for black civil rights influenced African-American and other minority literatures, and study how films and novels became weapons in the struggle for, and against, civil rights for minorities.

Master’s students who graduate in American Studies will be able to:

  • critically analyse American historical and literary texts, and place them in a cultural and historical context;
  • conduct independent multidisciplinary research in the field of American Studies (including Canada), thereby showing the ability to comprehend and apply relevant theoretical insights and methodological approaches;
  • apply knowledge of North American history, literature and culture, to contemporary social, political, literary and cultural developments.

Fees and funding

UK students
€ 2,006 (2017-2018)
International students
€ 16,600 (2017-2018)

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full time
12 months

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