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Political Science

Leiden University · Humanities

Entry requirements

Course specific entry requirements available at http://en.mastersinleiden.nl/programmes/political-science-leiden/en/introduction

Months of entry

September, February

Course content

Political Science Specialisations

The MSc in Political Science aims to provide its students with a deep and comprehensive understanding of political issues, focusing on the theme of ‘Conflict and Cooperation’.

Conflict and Cooperation

As a student of the Political Science master, or its specialisation International Organisation, you will immerse yourself in the two most important phenomena of national and international politics: conflict and cooperation. You will be encouraged to do so from multiple perspectives. Whether you choose a national or international focus, adopt a comparative, philosophical or other approach, you will be stimulated to think like a social scientist and employ tried and tested methodology of the discipline. Your academic home hosts research and education programmes which are continuously evaluated and rank among the best in their field.

The specialisation International Organisation differs from the MSc Political Science in two respects: it features a specialisation course which is exclusively for IO students (‘Dynamics of International Organisation’), and a thesis seminar devoted to IO. These specialisation courses constitute roughly half of the programme. What the specialisation has in common with the MSc are a number of joint core courses, as well as its modular setup, with a large variety of elective seminars.

Why Political Science in Leiden?

  • Leiden’s Institute of Political Science is one of the largest political science departments in Europe. It accommodates a wide range of (sub)disciplines and research interests.
  • Your lecturers are high ranking specialists in their field.
  • The modular set-up of the programme allows you to select the topics and courses which best suit your preferences.
  • Besides studying interesting themes, you will also familiarise yourself with the state of the art in social and political science literature and methodology.
  • The International Organisation specialisation offers you further differentiation, if you are intellectually and/or professionally attracted to the international domain.
  • The city of Leiden is a popular student city, with attractive sights and a lively atmosphere.

Fees and funding

UK students
€ 2,006 (2017-2018)
International students
€ 16,600 (2017-2018)

Qualification and course duration


full time
12 months

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International Studyline Team