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Biomedical Sciences

Leiden University · Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC)

Entry requirements

Course specific entry requirements available at http://en.mastersinleiden.nl/programmes/biomedical-sciences/en/introduction

Months of entry

September, February

Course content

Biomedical Sciences Specialisations

What causes specific illnesses? Of what influence are certain risk factors in cardiovascualar disease? What does the body do to fight viral infections? What molecular or physiological mechanisms are involved in the development or retreat of cancer? What are the methods for diagnosing and analysing genetic defects, and how can these methods be improved? Is stem cell therapy our future? How is biomedical knowledge best translated to actual treatment of patients?

These are just some questions pertinent to Biomedical Sciences. In order to answer them, the Biomedical Sciences programme will help you gain a thorough understanding of human health and disease.

Besides the common programme, which teaches you the basic knowledge you need about research in Biomedical Sciences, your programme is further defined by one of the specialisations:

  • Biomedical Sciences Communication
  • Biomedical Sciences Education
  • Biomedical Sciences Management
  • Biomedical Sciences Research

Reasons to choose Biomedical Sciences in Leiden

  • The programme is offered by Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC); a modern institution which combines research, education and patient care with a high quality profile and a strong scientific orientation;
  • Research conducted at LUMC scores very high in European and world rankings;
  • Choice of specialisations in Research, Management, Science Communication and Education. Students who wish to look beyond hard core research are thus taught to bridge science to business, or to society in general;
  • The flexibility of our two-year programme allows you to follow your individual interests in the order that suits you most;
  • You will enjoy small-group teaching, and high-quality courses dealing with the frontiers of modern science;
  • Collaboration with the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm (Sweden) and with Ruprecht Karls Universität in Heidelberg (Germany) enables you to include courses and research placements taken at these institutions;
  • In addition, participation in the Joint Programme in Translational and Experimental Medicine of the EUROLIFE consortium (a collaboration in the life sciences between six distinguished universities, i.e. Leiden, Stockholm, Dublin, Edinburgh, Göttingen, and Barcelona) gives you the same advantages of being trained in an international setting;
  • Leiden University and the LUMC provide good financial support for the international exchange of students;
  • The modern facilities of the LUMC are located in three buildings that are connected and form a unilocation. This brings our core activities – research, education and patient care – even more closely together.

Fees and funding

UK students
€ 2,006 in 2017-2018
International students
€ 17,800 (2017-2018)

Qualification and course duration


full time
24 months

Course contact details

International Studyline Team