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Level 6 Diploma in Business Strategy and Management

London School of Emerging Technology
After School

Entry requirements

Course Highlights

  • Hands-on Sessions

  • Paid Internship Program

  • Industry Mentors

  • Group activities

  • Presentations

  • Project-based Learning

  • Real world development experience

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to solve problems and think critically in a business environment.

  • Understand the internal structure and external relationships of international companies.

  • Understand the organisation's management system and demonstrate an understanding of it.

  • Examine the concept of entrepreneurship, as well as the behavior, processes, and skills associated with small businesses and enterprises.

  • Manage the budget and perform financial analysis for the organisation in order to make effective decisions.

  • Improve management practices by managing complex issues within the organisation.

  • Analyse the environment in order to make strategic marketing decisions.

  • Develop managerial and leadership skills in order to manage the performance of a team.

  • Learn about the advanced economic literature and the legal systems in which businesses operate.

  • Learn how to manage employees' performance using strategic human resource techniques and tools.

  • Ensure that research methodologies are applied in order to make effective decisions.

Why Learn Diploma in Business Strategy and Management?

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges of managing a business in a dynamic environment

  • Develop strategic decision-making skills and the ability to lead and manage change

  • Learn how to develop and implement a strategic plan and to effectively communicate it

  • Gain an understanding of the application of financial and marketing principles to the business strategy

  • Become capable of critically evaluating a business strategy and making informed decisions on how to improve it

  • Learn to develop strategies for improving the productivity, profitability and marketability of a business

  • Understand the importance of leadership and management skills in the business world

  • Gain the necessary skills to make management and strategic decisions

  • Learn to interpret financial data and create financial projections

  • Develop the ability to develop and implement effective change management techniques

  • Gain an understanding of how to identify and manage business risks

About the Course

The NCC Education Level 6 Diploma in Business Management qualification provides learners with an excellent foundation for careers in a wide range of organisations. This program aims to ensure that each learner is 'business-ready': a self-confident, independent thinker with a detailed understanding of business and management skills and the ability to adapt rapidly to change.

This qualification focuses on leadership and people management, strategic human resource management, operations management, sustainable business practices, financial decision making, and business research skills expected of managers.

This qualification is ideal for those who have begun, or are planning to begin, a career in the private or public sector. Upon successful completion of the Level 6 Diploma in Business Management qualification, learners will have the opportunity to progress to further study or employment.

  • The ability to read and analyse appropriate literature with a critical eye, as well as to think independently and solve problems on one's own

  • QUALIFI Level 6 Diploma in Business Management, Leadership and Innovation Specification April 2021

  • An understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of business services

  • The ability to provide a clear and accurate account of a subject, in a mature manner, and to participate in a dialogue with both specialists and non-specialists in a mature manner.

  • Developing transferrable skills and knowledge that will enable individuals to meet changing needs

  • Motivating individuals to pursue further professional development through further study or as part of their career choice.

Reasons to Choose LSET

  • Interactive live sessions by industry experts.

  • Practical classes with project-based learning with hands-on activities.

  • International learning platform to promote collaboration and teamwork.

  • Most up-to-date course curriculum based on current industry demand.

  • Gain access to various e-learning resources.

  • One-to-one attention to ensure maximum participation in the classes.

  • Lifetime career guidance to get the students employed in good companies.

  • Free lifetime membership to the LSET Alumni Club

Complete Learning Experience

This course provides a hands-on, guided learning experience to help you learn the fundamentals practically.

  • We constantly update the curriculum to include the latest releases and features.

  • We focus on teaching the industry's best practices and standards.

  • We let you explore the topics through guided hands-on sessions.

  • We provide industry professional mentor support to every student.

  • We give you an opportunity to work on real world examples.

  • Work with hands-on projects and assignments.

  • We help you build a technical portfolio that you can present to prospective employers.

What Will Be Your Responsibilities?

  • Work creatively in a problem-solving environment.

  • Ask questions and participate in class discussions.

  • Work on assignments and quizzes promptly.

  • Read additional resources on the course topics and ask questions in class.

  • Actively participate in team projects and presentations.

  • Work with the career development department to prepare for interviews

  • Respond promptly to the instructors, student service officers, career development officers, etc.

  • And most importantly, have fun while learning at LSET.

Benefits of LSET Certificate

Earning the LSET Certificate means you have demonstrated hard-working capabilities and learnt the latest technologies by completing hands-on exercises and real-world projects.

Following are some of the traits employers can trust you have built up through your course;

  • You know how to work in a team environment and communicate well.

  • You know the tools which are necessary for your desired job.

  • You know how to use the latest technologies to develop technologically advanced solutions.

  • You have developed problem-solving skills to navigate complex problem scenarios and find the right solutions.

  • You are now ready to take on the challenge and help your prospective employer to build the desired solutions.

What to expect after completing the course?

After earning your certificate from LSET, you can join the LSET’s Alumni club. There are countless benefits associated with the Alumni Club membership. As a member of LSET Alumni, you can expect the following;

  • LSET to hold your hand to find a successful career

  • Advice you on choosing the right job based on your passion and goals

  • Connect you with industry experts for career progression

  • Provide you opportunities to participate in events to keep yourself updated

  • Provide you with a chance to contribute to the game-changing open-source projects

  • Provide you with a platform to shine by allowing you to speak at our events

Months of entry

January, May, September

Course content

In the NCC Education pathway, the Level 6 Diploma in Business Strategy and Management (L6DBSM) is the third year. This qualification is equivalent to the final year of a Business degree at a UK university. The Level 6 Diploma in Business Strategy and Management is not regulated by Ofqual.

Option 1

  1. Topic: Level 6 Diploma in Business Strategy and Management
  2. Full-time: 6 Months

Option 2

  1. Topic: Level 6 Diploma in Business Strategy and Management
  2. Add-On:Project
  3. Full-time: 8 Months

Option 3

  1. Topic: Level 6 Diploma in Business Strategy and Management
  2. Add-On: Project &Industrial Training and Paid Internship Program
  3. Full-time: 12 Months

Note: Our Industrial Training and Internship program includes a guaranteed 6 months paid internship (from 10 hours to 40 hours per week) with a technology company. Due to visa restrictions, some international students may not be able to participate in this program.


The Job Guarantee program is available only to candidates who enrol in Option 3 (Project and Industrial Training and Paid Internship Program). It is important to note, however, that the Job Guarantee program has its own selection criteria, so not everyone may be considered for the program. To learn more about the Job Guarantee program, please visit Job Guaranteed Software Courses

A Level 6 Diploma in Business Strategy and Management offered by NCC Education meets the needs of individuals seeking a qualification that provides a thorough understanding of business administration. This provides a foundation for further academic study. This course examines the functional areas of management and administration within an organisation as well as the way those disciplines interact at the operational level, and how they relate to the overall corporate strategy to achieve short-, medium-, and long-term goals. The Diploma in Business Strategy and Management is accredited at Level 6 by Qualifi as a regulated qualification under the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). It consists of 120 credits in total.

This programme is designed to provide learners with an opportunity to develop their care capabilities within the business and management sectors. This Diploma, which is a recognised UK qualification, provides learners with the skills needed by organisations around the world.

It is the aim of all Qualifi programmes to provide learning that enhances the thought leadership of organisations by providing both conceptual and practical insights that can be applied in the businesses of the future.

Our goal is to develop future team leaders, managers, and leaders through the creation and delivery of learning tailored to the needs of the industry.

Industrial Training:

LSET offers an optional add-on industry training program to its students. Students wishing to enrol in this program require to pay fee of £2000 to receive training from industry experts at IT companies in the US or UK. This is a month-long program which takes place at the host company’s location. Interested students need to go through an assessment and host company’s interview process to be accepted in the program.

Information for international students

Information for applicants from the EU, EEA and Switzerland

A new set of regulations and guidance has been published by the UK Council for International Student Affairs on 11 May 2021 regarding the assessment of fee status for international students. The fee status assessments will be conducted in accordance with this guidance.

In the event that you are an EU national and do not reside in the United Kingdom, you may be subject to overseas fees. Students with settled and pre-settled status in the UK and some other categories of students who work in the UK can qualify for Home fee status as long as they meet the residence criteria.

Fees and funding

UK students
International students

Qualification, course duration and attendance options

  • After School
    part time
    12 months
    • Campus-based learningis available for this qualification
    full time
    6 months
    • Campus-based learningis available for this qualification

  • A local or international qualification which is deemed to be of a similar level to the NCC Education L5DB qualification. This must be agreed with NCC Education in advance.

  • NCC Education Level 5 Diploma in Business (L5DB)

If a potential student’s first language is not English, they must also reach the English Language requirements of either:
International English Language Testing System (IELTS) minimum score of 5.5. Alternatively, take the free NCC Education Higher English Placement Test.


GCE ‘O’ Level English C6.

Course contact details

London School of Emerging Technology
+44 (0) 20 3369 9909