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2022/23 edition

About Masters Design Lab

Become a graphic designer.

Masters Design Lab is dedicated to delivering high-quality online design education. Our demanding program features more than 25 courses taught by leading designers that have worked for international brands.

Each student gets access to the Adobe software, one-on-one lessons, live sessions and our study portal.

If you are looking to learn graphic design properly and get immersed in the world of high-end design, Masters Design Lab is the place for you.

MDL - an innovative approach to design education

Masters Design Lab is a design school powered by an innovative approach to design education. We utilize the power of technology and global reach to give people from all around the world a chance to learn and collaborate with some of the world’s best designers in a vibrant design community.

Our diploma and certificate programs are focused, hands-on, and up to date with industry trends and shifts. Our unique curriculum contains over 25 courses that will equip you with what we believe are the most important skills a modern designer needs.

If you are ready to dive into the design world, Masters Design Lab will give you all the guidance you need.

Unlike other programs, ours not only teaches design but also immerses students in the design world and gets them career-ready through instruction from elite designers.

This is an excellent course. It delivered so much more than I was expecting. The experience with MDL from the beginning was very impressive. They were attentive, helpful, and with excellent customer service compared to other Graphic Design courses that I was exploring at the time.

Lisa Thornton, UK

Personal mentoring and continous feedback

Our programs include full mentorship and professional feedback from day one. We believe that the design craft cannot be taught simply by seeing someone else design; it must be a continuous dialog between the designer and their teacher and peers.

A unique blend of an outstanding curriculum, hands-on mentoring, and inspiration from excellent designers.

Our approach to design education is different from other design schools. We not only teach fundamental design skills, but also how to apply them in real world projects, business settings, team assignments, and more. Our program goes above and beyond equipping you with the essentials. We teach you skills which are complementary to a design career and which will give you the edge, such as creating effective copy. With the guidance of world-class designers, you’ll be uniquely poised for success come graduation time.

  • Learn from some of the best designers in the world
  • Learn from anywhere
  • Continuous feedback and mentoring
  • Live classes
  • 25+ courses
  • Unlimited one-on-one sessions
  • Free access to the ADOBE suite
  • Unique course portal
  • Visting lectures from award leading designers
  • Small cohorts
  • Career advising and tips
  • Internship placement service
  • Fees that are paid in full with one payment are subject to a 15% reduction
  • The fees are fully inclusive; there are no hidden extras
  • Portfolio classes are included in all of our programs
  • Accredited by the European Centre of Independent Certification in E-Learning and CPD UK, Recognized by the European association for distance learning.

There is a wealth of knowledge in every course and they all go in-depth. The teachers are very experienced and clearly work in the industry and not just teach theory from books. The program is very hands-on and the foundation that it builds upon is very solid.

Lisa Davis, Jamaica

Passionate about design. Passionate about educating

We are very proud of our distinguished faculty members, led by academic advisor Prof. Michael Leblanc. Our handpicked faculty members are international professional designers, some working or who have worked at top Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Facebook, and Intel.

Michael Leblanc, Academic Advisor

Michael LeBlanc holds an Hon. BA from the University of Guelph and an MFA from York University.

He is an interdisciplinary designer with interests in web, user interface design, physical computing, and product design.

In addition to his 30 years at NSCAD University in Halifax—including over ten years as chair of the design division there, he has taught at the Universities of Toronto, Waterloo, Guelph, and Foshan China.

Dan Perri, Master Graphic Design Lecturer

Design legend Dan Perri (a protégé of the great designer Saul Bass) has designed some of the most iconic film-related graphics and titles. From the Star Wars logo and the famous text crawl to Raging Bull, Wall Street, The Aviator, and hundreds more. If you've seen a film made in the past fifty years, then you are already well acquainted with his work.

Great course with fantastic tutors. The live classes were so useful. We used the time to chat to the other students and tutors and discussed the assignments and design theory, which I do miss now that the classes have finished.

PG subjects available

Introduction to Graphic Design - nine-week program (certificate)

Our introduction to graphic design course is designed for people who want to step into the world of graphic design through an introductory program. Students are introduced to key graphic design concepts while also enjoying two in-depth courses in the development of graphic design and the fascinating topic of color theory.

This program includes bi-weekly live sessions, hands-on projects with professional, personal feedback, mentorship, and community support.

Courses in this program (four courses): Illustrator, Introduction to Graphic Design, Color Theory, Graphic Design History

Graphic Design - 4.5 month program (certificate)

This is an eleven-course program showcasing the most basic skills needed for modern designers. This program is good for anyone that wants to start in graphic design or wants to acquire a new skill set. The Graphic Design program teaches the basic concepts of graphic design such as color theory, typography, and composition, and working with the relevant software.

All of our programs include special studio classes, live classes, hands-on projects, and mentorship.

Courses in this program (11 courses - two studio courses): Illustrator, Introduction to Graphic Design, Color Theory, Graphic Design Studio A (Logo Design), Graphic Design Studio B (Layout Design), Graphic Design History, Design Critique, Portfolio, Photoshop, Typography, Grids and Layouts (InDesign).

Graphic Design Advanced - 12 month program (diploma)

This 25 course program is for aspiring graphic designers who want to dive deep into the world of branding, identity, and design. In this one year diploma, you will learn all the basic and advanced concepts of design, storytelling, copywriting, and even website building with WordPress. In this program, you will create a branding project from A-Z including market research, creating corporate identity, and production.

This program is great for people with no design background who want to take a serious step into the design world and work as a graphic designer.

All of our programs include special studio classes, live classes, hands-on projects, and mentorship.

Courses in this program (25 courses - 5 studio courses): Illustrator, Introduction to Graphic Design, Color Theory, Graphic Design Studio A (Logo Design), Graphic Design Studio B (Layout Design), Graphic Design Studio C (Poster Design), Graphic Design Studio D (Advertising) Graphic Studio Design E (Branding), Graphic Design History, Design Critique, Portfolio, Photoshop, Typography, Grids and Layouts (InDesign), Creative Thinking, Photography, Composition, Copywriting, The History of Graphic Design B, Marketing and Strategy, Text and Image, Storytelling, Branding, WordPress, Final Project.

Internship placement program

Reach - The Social Impact Design Studio

Masters design lab presents Reach, a one-of-a-kind design studio focusing on nonprofits.

Reach is a virtual design studio powered by Masters Design Lab's faculty and staff.

The studio's objective is to help nonprofits with the design work they need while our students gain more real-world experience and add another project to their portfolio (and even get paid!).

English language support

We teach in English, noEnglish placement test such as TOFEL are need

Facilities and support arrangements

  • Drop in session
  • Online help
  • Free access to the Adobe Suite
  • Visiting lectures

Fees, funding and costs

  • Introduction to Graphic Design 9-week program (Certificate) - sponsored tuition: $649 / £500 / €559
  • Graphic Design 4.5-month program (Certificate) - sponsored tuition: $2250 / £1733 / €1935
  • Graphic Design Advanced 12-month program (Diploma) - sponsored tuition: $7,900 / £6,083 / €6794 ($350 Scholarship)


We teach only online.

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