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Human Reproduction

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens · National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Entry requirements

The programme is addressed to healthcare professionals (doctors, gynecologists, biologists, midwives, graduates of Universities, Technologic Foundations, Colleges) as well as graduates of medical and nursing schools, who wish to learn the principles and methods of investigation and treatment of infertile couples.

Months of entry


Course content

The course “Human Reproduction” provides high level specialized education in Biology, Genetics, Reproductive Endocrinology and applies for specialists (Gynecologists, Endocrinologists, Biologists, Midwives, Researchers, Nurses etc.) providing a premium level training of this scientific field.

This online course combines coursework and practical experience on individual topics as well as clinical research. The Internship, that requires physical presence, takes place in the meeting rooms, surgery rooms, clinical laboratories of the GENESIS ATHENS Clinic (Greece), and in rooms of pure research as well, using live models and simulators with telematics and personal attendance of learners. The course includes 25 weeks of theoretical training and 1 week of practical training.

The present course is included in the health category of our online courses and it runs via a user-friendly educational platform. Once the participant completes all the units successfully, he/she receives a certificate of specialized training.

Qualification and course duration


9 months

Course contact details

+30 2103 689 359