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Ritual and Daily Life in the Prehistoric Eastern Mediterranean

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens · National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Entry requirements

The programme addresses not only students of Archaeology but also the broader public, especially those with a particular interest in prehistoric/protohistoric times in broader eastern Mediterranean area.

Months of entry

September, February

Course content

This programme explores the archaeological evidence from the Aegean area, Cyprus and other regions of eastern Mediterranean during prehistoric/protohistoric times, focusing on specific subjects.

This programme comprises four different modules. Each module is divided into three or four lessons. Each lesson will be accompanied with the relevant iconographic material, selective bibliography as well as comprehensive chronological tables.

Programme Description

Module 1
Hybrid and monstrous creatures in Minoan iconography

Lesson 1 Griffin-unica-sphinx
Lesson 2 Minoan genius -minoan dragon
Lesson 3 The human-bird creatures -minotaur-other bipod creatures –gorgoneion

Module 2
Disease and Therapy: medical and other therapeutical practices in prehistoric eastern Mediterranean

Lesson 4 Egyptian medicine
Lesson 5 The performance: physicians – magicians - Mesopotamia- Diseases mentioned in Mesopotamian Texts
Lesson 6 Rare diseases-Aegean cultures - Remedies -Peak Sanctuaries
Lesson 7 Skeletal remains

Module 3
Modeling everyday life in Aegean and Cyprus with reference to Egypt

Lesson 8 Introduction- Models of Minoan Crete
Lesson 9 Cyprus: Pottery decorated with figures (I)
Lesson 10 Cyprus: Pottery decorated with figures (II)- Autonomous Models
Lesson 11 Egyptian Models-Conclusions

Module 4
Ritual performance in Minoan Crete: archaeological and iconographic evidence

Lesson 12 Introduction- Archaeological and Iconographic evidence(Sacrifice Ritual)
Lesson 13 Iconographic Evidence (Baetylic - Robe Rituals)
Lesson 14 Iconographic Evidence (Flower Ritual -Initiation Rites)
Lesson 15 Iconographic Evidence (Dance Ritual- Procession- Music)

Fees and funding

UK students
International students

Qualification and course duration


distance learning
3,5 months

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