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2021/22 edition

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About New College of the Humanities

New College of the Humanities (NCH) has earned a reputation as a world-class academic institution that is leading the way in UK higher education, and whose students have enquiring minds and a passion for learning. Studying at NCH is an enriching pursuit, both personally and professionally, and we consider postgraduate students to play an integral role in the ongoing development of our vibrant collegiate community.

Our master’s programmes foster advanced skills in critical questioning, information gathering, synthesis and analysis, and oral and written communication. Graduates are likely to pursue a research degree and an academic career, or wider employment opportunities in a range of diverse industries.

Postgraduate study at NCH is distinguished by, among other things, very small, highly interactive classes, personal supervision, access to the best study and research resources at Senate House Library and the Institute of Advanced Study, and contact with the College’s leading international Visiting Professoriate.

We look forward to giving our master's candidates a warm welcome at NCH, and to our outstanding faculty working with them in furthering and deepening their studies

Professor A C Grayling, Master of the College

Worldwide reputation

As a postgraduate at NCH, not only are you encouraged to attend any undergraduate lectures that interest you, we also recommend that you take advantage of regular Professorial Lectures on a variety of subjects, led by our world-leading Visiting Professors. Groundbreaking academics in their respective fields, our Visiting Professors contribute to the College’s academic life. Between them, they deliver approximately 100 lectures in each academic year at NCH. The Professoriate works closely with the College’s academic faculty members, who lead the College’s day-to-day teaching.

PG subjects available

  • MA Philosophy - This MA Philosophy is an excellent preparation for a PhD and a career in academia. It also develops critical reasoning, logic, and systematic approaches to problem solving, alongside an ability to analyse an issue from a broader perspective, to allow you to become a visionary, all of which are highly valued by employers in a variety of fields.
  • MSc Artificial Intelligence with a Human Face - The MSc Artificial Intelligence (AI) with a Human Face is a well-integrated programme of study with a targeted focus on both in theory and in application. Presupposing no background in computing, students are equipped with relevant knowledge and data programming skills, covering not only recent technical developments, but also broader ethical and theoretical considerations.
  • MSc Computer Science (Software Development) - The MSc Computer Science (Software Development) is an illuminating course designed to prepare students for a multitude of careers in the Computer Science sector. Students will learn all aspects of computer programming and design, acquiring skills to facilitate a wide range of ventures within the Computer Science field.
  • MSc Digital Politics & Sustainable Development - The MSc Digital Politics & Sustainable Development explores power shifts, power diffusion, and evolving organisational structures in an increasingly interconnected society. Students will have an option to specialise in sustainability and technology through their choice of optional courses and extended dissertation topic.
  • MA Philosophy & Artificial Intelligence - Poised at the intersection of the humanities and technology, the MA Philosophy & Artificial Intelligence combines the exploration of theoretical and ethical issues related to computing, data, and information processing with opportunities to develop some of the data science skills that underpin recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • LLB (Hons) Law with International Legal Studies (Senior Status) - This graduate-entry LLB (Hons) is an accelerated, two-year Qualifying Law Degree which includes a two-week International Legal Studies immersion in Toronto. This degree offers the unrivalled opportunity to study in two of the world’s largest international legal hubs, and offers a pathway to study the LLM at Northeastern University in Boston.

Facilities and support arrangements

Our postgraduate students can choose from a rich selection of library facilities, including The Registry Collection located at NCH, the British Library and Senate House Library, which includes a dedicated collection of NCH books.

The NCH Collection has its home in one of the most spacious and beautiful reading rooms within Senate House Library. The collection contains classic texts and contemporary commentaries, all of which have been chosen by the College’s academic staff for their direct relevance to the courses taught at NCH. As well as housing the world famous library, Senate House is the home of the University of London’s Institute of Historical Research, which runs free seminars and lectures on a diverse range of historical topics that NCH students are encouraged to attend.

Fees, funding and costs

The tuition fees for postgraduate students entering the College can be found on our Fees and Funding page.

Postgraduate loans, scholarships and tuition plans are available for students.


From September 2021 NCH will be headquartered at Devon House, in central Lo’don’s St Katharine Docks. This new location will combine unrivalled views of London and the Thames with a vibrant waterside environment, all in the centre of historic London.

With 38,000 square foot of space, the College will be located just minutes from the City, ’ondon’s Central Business District, a worldwide centre for commerce. Our new campus contains enhanced facilities for students and staff and space

For more information, please see here.


London offers a vast range of accommodation options for an even wider range of budgets. Most postgraduate students in the city choose to secure private accommodation. However, should you wish to live in student halls, we recommend the following excellent options for our postgraduates:

Located a 15-minute walk from Devon House, Urbanest Tower Bridge offers a wide range of rooms and communal spaces. Living at Urbanest m’ans you’ll be within close range of the College and a plethora of historic sites.

Located a 20-minute walk from Devon House, Unite Students Drapery Plaza offers a variety of rooms, on-site gym, courtyard and all-inclusive rent. Living at Unite means you’ll be within close range of the College and a plethora of historic sites.

Located moments from Rege’t’s Park, International Student House (ISH) offers comfortable twin rooms, a resi’ent’s bar and cultural community-based events. ISH is a charitable accommodation provider, whose mission is to provide an affordable home-away-from-home for international and UK students. ISH is approximately 30-minutes from Devon House using public transport.

Located in Hackney, Sir John Cass Hall offers affordable accommodation and corridor based living, promoting a strong student community. Sir John Cass Hall is approximately 40-minutes from Devon House using public transport and close proximity to Westfield Stratford.

We also have a range of alternative housing options located across London. Visit our accommodation page for up-to-date information and helpful guidance.


At NCH, we believe that an active social life is a vital part of your higher education. From the College’s burgeoning list of clubs and societies and the wide array of social events hosted by our students, to the electrifying social scene across London itself, there really is something for everyone.

The social scene at NCH is ably supported by the New College of the Humanities Student Union (NCHSU), the representative body for students of NCH. Events organised by NCHSU range from spoken word slams to film screenings and plays, and are complemented by regular bar nights. As a master’s student, you’ll be offered the opportunity to attend dedicated postgraduate events during NCH Freshers’ Week.

Alongside the NCHSU, for a £40 annual membership fee, you can also join Student Central, a social hub for a number of London’s Universities, which has a variety of clubs, sports facilities and societies for all London students.

How to apply:

Applications can be made through UCAS or directly to the College through our website. We accept applications on a rolling basis.

We assess your candidacy individually, and carefully consider all the elements of your application to determine whether you have the potential to flourish at the College. When you start your application, one of our Admissions Advisers will be appointed as your personal contact to answer any questions you may have, and they will also ask you for a referee’s name and contact details.

Your referee should be someone who has taught or worked closely with you in an academic or professional context. Once we have received your completed application and reference we will let you know informally, within a few weeks, if we are going to make you an offer.

Please note that if you do not have an upper second class honours first degree but your application demonstrates potential, you will be invited to an interview at the College with an academic from your chosen faculty.

Contact details

+44 (0)20 7637 4550
Devon House
St Katharine Docks
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