Case study

Callum Stevens — MSc Digital Marketing student

Northumbria University

Callum says that studying digital marketing at Northumbria University, Newcastle improved him as a person, and provided a great balance of academic practice and industry skills

Why did you choose this institution and course?

Mainly, I chose Northumbria because it was the only university that offered me the correct course, Digital Marketing MSc. It was also the only university that met all of my personal criteria, making it the complete package. Another reason was the commitment from academic staff to help me secure my place during a very busy time.

The city of Newcastle is regarded as among the best in the UK and the university has had amazing growth in a short space of time. The investment on campus and the climb in the league tables showed me that there is real commitment to continue this growth within the institution. This gave me the feeling that I would be at the heart of that evolution and that I could continue to develop as a student, professional and person.

Finally, I was offered a room in halls for a competitive price. This was huge for me as my home town is 160 miles away and my undergraduate degree was studied elsewhere - this was the icing on the cake.

Tell us about the application process

The application process was a very good experience. I was working full time and I submitted my application on an evening. You apply for postgraduate courses on the university website directly from a course webpage and it is a simple process to follow, just click on 'Apply Now'.

Finance was the most difficult part but academics and staff worked tirelessly to help me as I was in China on holiday. I also spoke to various departments in the university regarding all types of queries I had. The process and support never gave me a single doubt about choosing to come to Northumbria.

What does the course involve?

The course is a fantastic balance of academic practice and industry skills. Understanding and learning tools such as Google Analytics allowed me a swift integration into my full-time marketing role for reporting data. Other highlights for me were the importance and understanding of a customer journey, regardless of industry, service or product.

My dissertation supervisor and course leader has given me amazing support. My dissertation on real-time engagement and charitable behaviour has given me further understanding and insight into embracing technologies and engaging online communities. This is transferable knowledge into my working life to generate ideas for innovative campaigns.

What are your plans for after graduation?

My plan after graduation is to stay in Newcastle. I really feel I have found a new home here. My professional plan is to continue working for the university, which I have grown to love.

Northumbria has provided me with so much opportunity and improved me as a person, I want to give as much back to the staff and future students and hope they have the same life-changing experience that I had. I know that my experiences as a student, an associate and as a staff member will never let me down in whatever my future endeavours may be.

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