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The Ancient Body

Open University · Department of Classical Studies

Entry requirements

Minimum 2:1 (or equivalent).

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Course content

Recent appointments in this area have made our department a centre for studying the ancient world through the theme of ‘the body’. We interpret this theme in a highly interdisciplinary way, bringing together the approaches of archaeology, anthropology, medical humanities, ancient history and classical studies to find ways of using material culture and written evidence alongside each other.

We regard the body as a way of addressing what we see as a central question for any historical discipline: is the past just like us, and therefore transparent, or entirely other, and therefore unknowable? Where the body is concerned, the fact that we share so many fundamental everyday experiences with the people of the past may blind us to the difficulties of interpreting their writings, ideas, and objects. Yet studying how people thought about, treated, manipulated, modified, represented and disposed of their bodies provides a window into ancient societies.

Qualification and course duration


part time
72 months
full time
36 months


full time
15 months
part time
24 months

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