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Education: Artist Teacher Scheme

Oxford Brookes University · School of Education

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The National Society for Education in Art and Design's Artist Teacher Scheme programme is based on the central belief that teachers of art, design and craft across all sectors who maintain and develop their own creative practice can be significantly more effective in the classroom or studio and more likely to be satisfied with their work in education. The scheme provides opportunities for artist teachers to review and develop their personal creative practice in relation to the highest levels of contemporary practice in the contexts of higher education institutions and art museums and galleries.

The arts based route through the MA in Education provides an opportunity for artist educators to explore your professional identity in depth through practice based research in an educational setting. The first year aligns with the national Artist Teacher Scheme, organised by The NSEAD, and is run in partnership with Modern Art Oxford. This format allows you the opportunity to engage with wide range of professionals working in arts education, gallery education and with artist practitioners in a range of settings.

The second and third years build on this structure to engage you in the exploration of how you locate yourself as an artist educator in your professional settings, encouraging the production of visual practice as research methodology. One unique feature of the full MA route is the opportunity to submit a final thesis as a major project where the outcome can be presented as 50% written component and 50% visual practice.

Integrating Contemporary Practice into the Classroom - Module1 (M level credits: 20)

Content includes:

  • Explore contemporary practice in a gallery setting;
  • extend theoretical and practical subject specific skills, knowledge and understanding;
  • critically analyse extended contemporary subject knowledge to teaching and learning;
  • share ideas, meet and work with new colleagues;
  • work with a number of art/education/gallery specialists;
  • experiment with and reflect on innovative ways to link extended practical subject knowledge to classroom practice;
  • integrate appropriate theory and practice into research;
  • present work as a portfolio of evidence with writing/annotation and examples of planning, resources and artworks produced by pupils.

Integrating Contemporary Practice into the Classroom - Module 2 (M level credits: 40)

Content includes:

  • Developing practical and theoretical subject knowledge through access to facilities and expertise;
  • exploring contemporary art exhibitions and working with practitioners;
  • debating contemporary issues related to current art theory and art education theory;
  • developing a body of artwork which extends own contemporary art practice;
  • creating a reflective sketchbook / journal to demonstrate development of ideas in a critical way;
  • presenting ideas / work to a panel;
  • producing art work which does not need to culminate in specific outcomes.

Qualification and course duration


part time
12 months

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Programme Administrator
+44 (0) 1865 488617