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Teaching English as an Additional Language - Education

Oxford Brookes University · School of Education

Entry requirements

Students should normally have a first degree.

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Course content

This three module course is designed to help you provide an effective and supportive learning environment for children who are learning in a second language classroom.

It offers you the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions both about the learning and development of a child with English as an Additional Language and best practice pedagogy and policies to support them.
There are three modules, outlined as follows:

English as an additional language
You will focus on children in English-speaking schools, whose first language is not English (the EAL child). The module aims to draw on current practice, research, case studies, websites and professional networks, enabling you to:
  • analyse the development of children in second languages settings;
  • identify theories of bilingualism, trans-languaging and dynamic language;
  • appreciate the links between first and second language, identity and self-esteem: the emotional experiences of the EAL child;
  • evaluate teacher, teacher assistant, parent, and whole school responses to the EAL child;
  • theorise practice and pedagogy: what beliefs, theories and attitudes to language and the EAL learner underpin teacher choices?
  • evaluate and critically compare policies connected with the teaching, learning and integration of the EAL child into the mainstream school;
  • evaluate, adapt and create resources and materials for their fit with the needs of the EAL child.
Language acquisition
You will deal with theoretical and practical approaches to language acquisition and focus on second language acquisition, with priority given to approaches of special relevance to language learning and education. Key themes that you will cover throughout the session include: linguistic variation, codeswitching, sociopolitics and language policy, and language teacher training.
Investigative practice
You will have the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills from the core modules to a specific work-based setting involving EAL children, and to reflect on how these work in practice to enhance the child's learning experience.
Please note: as our courses are reviewed regularly the list of modules you choose from may vary from that shown here.

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part time
12 months

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