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Queen Mary, University of London · School of Engineering and Materials Science

Entry requirements

Undergraduate degree (minimum second class honours or equivalent) in materials science, engineering, dentistry or a related discipline.

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Biomaterials save lives, relieves suffering and improve the quality of life for a large number of patients every year�. (Technology Foresight, UK)

People are living longer and expect to be more mobile and active after injury or as they get older, therefore the demands for biomaterials and devices are increasing. Biomaterials combine engineering expertise with medical needs for the enhancement of healthcare. Biomaterials are either modified natural or synthetic materials which find application in a spectrum of medical implants for the repair, augmentation and replacement of body tissues. Queen Mary University of London has been a pioneer and led the field in teaching and research of biomaterials for over 28 years. In the early 1980s we were the first UK department to teach biomaterials modules and in 1991 the first to offer an undergraduate degree in the subject. This MSc programme will provide students with the knowledge in the field of biomaterials necessary to participate in biomaterials research or product development.

The MSc in Biomaterials has been designed for those with conventional materials expertise, or with expertise in engineering or medically related disciplines, who wish to facilitate their development into the biomaterials field. It provides an advanced level of understanding and appreciation of the principles and applications of biomaterials and their functional properties. You will learn about the function and application of biomaterials, their characteristics and their surface, physical and mechanical properties. You will study materials- and medicine-based modules, as well as those written specifically for the biomaterials programme. There are significant research elements in this programme including a research project based on the research interests of academic staff working in the field of biomaterials.
Programme outline
Core modules:

Materials Research Techniques (two modules)
Biomaterials and Biomechanics
Application of Biomaterials
Materials Selection and Design
Advanced Topics in Biomaterials
Research Project (four modules)
Module options may include:

Advanced Ceramics
Materials and the Environment
Rheology and Structural Properties of Advanced Materials
Nanotechnology and Advanced Functional Materials
Dental Materials

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full time
12 months

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Postgraduate Co-ordinator