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Insolvency Law (specialisation)

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Dual Master’s programme in which you develop an understanding and knowledge of comparative and international corporate, insolvency and European Law for a legal career with a strong international focus.

Since the start of the global financial crisis, there has been a surge in the number of companies that find themselves in financial difficulties. It has not only greatly increased the need for experts in insolvency law but has also profoundly changed this field of law. It has given insolvency law a much higher profile.

Insolvency is no longer a national issue. Due to globalisation, most companies have international contacts that have to be taken into account during a reorganisation or liquidation process. Given the new transnational scope of this field of law, the Faculty of Law at Radboud University and the Nottingham Law School have joined forces to offer students a unique Master’s programme that joins comparative and international insolvency and corporate law, thus meeting the demands and challenges of contemporary insolvency law.

Two Master’s degrees in one year

This dual LL.M programme will give you the opportunity of attaining two Master’s degrees in law in one academic year while living both in the Netherlands and the UK, thus adding to your personal international experience as well as increasing your knowledge. The courses taught at both campuses are presented in English, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of being taught by experts from both law schools.

Graduates of the insolvency law specialisation can expect to find a wide variety of employment prospects. These include law firms, financial institutions, multinationals and listed companies as well as governmental institutions and NGOs.

Why do the dual Master’s in Insolvency Law?

  • You will participate in a unique and intense Master’s programme specialising in insolvency law.
  • You will be awarded two LL.M degrees in the space of just one academic year: the LL.M Corporate and Insolvency Law from Nottingham Law School, and the LL.M European and Insolvency Law from Radboud University.
  • You will study at a British Law School that was rated ‘excellent' by the British Law Society, and a Dutch Law School that was rated number one in the Netherlands for student satisfaction.
  • You will work together with two prestigious research centres in the field of insolvency law: The NLS Centre for Business and Insolvency Law at Nottingham Law School, and the Business & Law Research Centre at Radboud University.
  • You will be taught in a stimulating, collegial setting with small groups by internationally recognised professors of law, all specialists in their specific fields.
  • You will have a chance to live in both Nijmegen in the Netherlands and Nottingham in the United Kingdom. The programme starts in the Netherlands and after the Christmas break you move to the UK.

Challenging, broad and interesting

During a reorganisation or liquidation process all (legal) relationships of a company are in a high state of tension and every aspect of a company is under severe scrutiny. This is what makes insolvency law a particularly challenging field of law, and the Master’s specialisation so broad and interesting. Experts in insolvency also need to deal with other fields such as corporate law, commercial law, administrative law and labour law.

At Radboud University and Nottingham Trent University we take a holistic approach to insolvency law while at the same time providing a level of practical detail through real-world scenarios. This ensures that our graduates get the relevant in-depth knowledge that is highly sought-after by employers all over Europe.

*This is a specialisation of the Master's of European Law

Fees and funding

UK students
£1.515,00 (€ 1,984)
International students
£ 6.682,00 (€ 9,232)

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full time
12 months

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