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Perception, Action and Control (specialisation)

Radboud University · Faculty of Social Science
MSc by research

Entry requirements

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Months of entry

September, February

Course content

Our Master's specialisation in Perception, Action and Control is aimed at the three basic components of current Cognitive Neurosceince: modelling (e.g in physics), designing and conducting behavioural studies (e.g in psychology) and measuring the neurobiological foundations of behaviour.

How do you pick out your own glass of beer out of all the other glasses on the bar? How do you find your way in a building? How do you walk from one room to the other - and how do you do that with your eyes closed?

How do you perceive colour under constantly changing lighting conditions? How does a tennis player prepare himself to return a ball which yet has to be played? And what role do eye and head movements play in this? How are we able to write?

Catching a ball, grabbing a cup, writing down a sentence: these are all targeted actions that you often perform without thinking about them. Performing perceptuomotor tasks as a team such as in sports, understanding the actions of others, joint action in collaborative and competitive contexts: these are examples of hot topics in social neurocognition in which Nijmegen scientists are highly interested.

To patients who suffered a brain haemorrhage automatic actions come not so naturally any more. They find it extremely difficult to perform them. Why is that? Which neurocognitive processes play a role in these actions? That is what researchers who study perception and action want to discover.

*This is a specialisation of the Cognitive Neuroscience (Research)

Fees and funding

UK students
£1.515,00 (€ 1,984)
International students
£ 7.328,00 (€ 10,137)

Qualification and course duration

MSc by research

full time
24 months

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