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Radboud University · Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies

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September, February

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Do you want to enhance your philosophical knowledge? Do you want to learn ‘thinking beyond’ the realm of what is considered self-evident? Do you not shy away from intense and informed debates? Then the one-year Master’s in Philosophy may be just your thing.

In the Master’s programme Philosophy, you’ll learn to analyse theoretical issues about numerous subjects like knowledge, truth, morality and politics, from different perspectives. By asking the right questions and precise reasoning, you’ll try and reach the essential core: what is really important in this matter? How can a complicated issue be subdivided into manageable sub-questions? You’ll learn to access conflicting claims. Do humans possess free will or are our actions determined by hereditary of cultural factors? You’ll learn to form your own opinions and to express them clearly with consistent and convincing arguments.


The Master’s programme in Philosophy offers four Master’s specialisation, one in English and three in Dutch.

Science and Philosophy

In this specialisation, you’ll analyse the relation between philosophy and science in terms of their historical development, as well as the current situation. In ancient Greece, ‘philosophy’ was understood to be an activity that focused on gaining knowledge on any and every part of reality. In modern times, several sciences have detached themselves from the philosophy. What does this mean for philosophy and its relationship with the sciences?

Analytische filosopfie: cognitie en taal

Deze specialisatie is analytisch georiënteerd en ligt op het snijvlak van cognitiefilosofie, taalfilosofie en cognitieve wetenschappen. Je bestudeert vragen rondom culturele evolutie, waarneming en begrip, coöperatief gedrag, bewustzijn en vrije wil.

Praktische filosopfie: kritiek van de moderniteit

Je onderzoekt het omstreden karakter van de moderniteit. De moderniteit wordt vaak in verband gebracht met democratie, mensenrechten, wetenschappelijke en technologische vooruitgang. Toch worden het optimisme van de moderniteit, de vooruitgangsgedachte en tal van moderne verworvenheden sterk betwijfeld en bekritiseerd.

Continentale filosofie: Fenomenologie, hermeneutiek en psychoanalyse

Je onderzoekt hedendaagse vraagstukken in de metafysica en de wijsgerige antropologie vanuit continentale filosofie. Thema's die hierbij aan bod komen zijn: de verhouding tussen taal en waarheid, metafysica en metafysicakritiek, psychoanalyse.

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UK students
£1.515,00 (€ 1,984)
International students
£ 6.682,00 (€ 9,232)

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full time
12 months

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