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Molecular Medicine

Trinity College Dublin - the University of Dublin · Institute of Molecular Medicine - IMM

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Course content

There is a separate entry on admission to the P.Grad.Dip. in
Molecular Medicine.
This course aims to give participants an in-depth
understanding of the emerging field of molecular medicine
which draws together developments in molecular and
cellular biology to describe disease processes at a functional
level – that of molecular interactions. The course aims to
provide students with an understanding of the molecular
basis of human disease and its implications for the practice of
clinical medicine and research in the life sciences. The course
will ensure that students from all disciplines have the skills
necessary to conduct research and critically evaluate the
scientific and medical literature.
The course includes lectures on cellular biology and molecular
genetics as they apply generally to normal cell and tissue
function and to disease processes. Modules on molecular
signalling and therapeutics, bioinformatics and ethical-legal
aspects of the discipline are included, as well as literature
reviews, laboratory practicals and a laboratory project.
The course is available in a one-year, full-time and a two-year,
part-time format. It consists of lectures on cellular biology
and molecular genetics as they apply generally to normal cell
and tissue function and more specifically to disease processes
such as cancer, immune dysfunction, and diseases with an
inherited component.
The course content includes molecular signalling and
therapeutics, molecular and population genetics,
nanoscience, and high content cell analysis. There is a core,
“Research Skills” module which encompasses bioinformatics
and ethical-legal aspects of the emerging discipline, literature
reviews, and laboratory practicals in basic molecular and
cellular techniques. Candidates will complete a laboratory
project of three months (full-time) or six months (part-time)
duration. Candidates must also complete the taught module,
Molecular Mechanisms of Human Disease I. This course
provides the applicant with state-of-the-art information and
critical analysis of: The human genome at a molecular level,
the integration of molecular and cellular biology in relation
to human diseases; the molecular basis of human genetic
disease; the molecular interactions between microbiological
pathogens and the human host; the technology currently
employed in researching molecular medicine; the molecular
basis of common human inflammatory diseases and
malignancies; the utilisation of knowledge on the molecular
basis of human disease in planning and design of novel
therapies, using pharmacological agents or gene therapy;
the ethical and legal aspects of molecular medicine as it
impinges on clinical practice. You will also gain a working
appreciation of molecular and cellular biology at the
practical level and development of the ability to perform
independent research with the ability to apply bioinformatic
and computational techniques in medical and biological
research, and information retrieval. The student is examined
on the basis of a submitted critical literature review essay,
a written examination, assessment of laboratory practicals
and the writing of a dissertation based on a research project.
Candidates from health science (medical, dental, veterinary),
biological science and other science disciplines (e.g. chemical
or pharmacy), are invited to apply.

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part time
24 months
full time
12 months

Course contact details

Dr Ross McManus
+353-1-896 3556/3557