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Global Health is an attempt to address health problems and
issues that transcend national boundaries, and are informed
by the circumstances and experiences of countries in differing
contexts. The underlying assumption is that the world’s health
problems are shared and are best tackled by cooperative
action and the sharing of innovative solutions.
The M.Sc. Global Health aims to prepare graduates to
contribute on a broader scale to the design, implementation,
and management of health programmes, health systems
development and health policy. The course augments
traditional approaches to public and international health by
bringing together perspectives and insights from a range of
health and social sciences in understanding and resolving
the challenges of global health. These problems may arise,
for example, in relief and development programmes in
developing countries; in conflict and post-conflict situations;
with refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants; with
tourists and business travellers. All countries give rise to
inequities in health, wealth, education and human rights, and
the interconnectedness of these issues will be a major theme
running throughout the course.
The course also lays emphasis on ‘local’ experiences that
resonate globally in the case of Ireland. These include the
influence of poverty and rapid social change on health
and identity in Ireland; migration and refugee welfare,
the consequences of ethnic conflict, the peace process
and the challenges of reconciliation for creating inclusive
health services. The strongest emphasis within the course
is on health in developing countries and the impact of
globalisation. We develop a strong emphasis on the influence
of socio-cultural, economic and health policy issues.
The programme aims to provide graduates with a greater
appreciation of the global interconnectedness of health
problems and the range and depth of research methodology
that can be used to work through these challenges. The M.Sc.
Global Health course is particularly designed for practitioners,
policy makers, health system planners, programme managers,
analysts and health researchers, who wish to understand the
broader and interconnecting causes of many health problems
from a global perspective as well as those who aspire to build
a career in the global health arena.

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Dr Fiona Larkan
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