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Mobile Applications

University of Bradford · School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Entry requirements

A 2:2 or above in: -Computer Science, or Mathematics or Engineering, following a course which contained a significant proportion of computing; OR -A subject other than with above, but can demonstrate sufficient relevant professional computing experience -If you have lesser academic qualifications but have substantial (approx. 5 years) relevant work experience, your application may also be considered

Months of entry


Course content

As the technology for integrating computer and communication
systems matures, there will be greater emphasis on developing
appropriate services and applications. MSc in Mobile Applications
seeks to strike a balance between advanced study of
heterogeneous network infrastructure and computing systems and
the study of the development of applications for new devices and
technologies (mobile, ubiquitous, wearable). The success of the
next generation of mobile systems will depend largely on the ability
of the industry and academia to develop and provide appropriate
applications to the users of the new mobile and wireless world.
The MSc in Mobile Applications course is designed for
graduates wishing to bridge the disciplines of computing and
digital content management and creation, with special emphasis
on mobile applications.
Special Features:
-This course is one of the first few of its kind worldwide
-This course is accredited by the British Computer Society
Modules 2011/12:
(C) = Core, (O) = Option
Stage 1 60 Credits (2 x Core Modules and 1 x Option Module):
-Mobile Applications (20 Credits) (C)
-Networks and Protocols (20 Credits) (C)
-Security, Privacy and Data Protection (20 Credits) (O)
-Information Engineering (20 Credits) (O)
Stage 2 60 Credits (1 x Core Module and 40 Credits from the
Option Modules listed. A maximum of 20 Level 3 Credits is
permitted overall):
-Software Systems for e-Business and the WWW (20 Credits) (C)
-Artificial Intelligence for Games (20 Credits) (Level 3) (O)
-Artificial Intelligence with Applications (20 Credits) (O)
-Computer Graphics (10 Credits) (Level 3) (O)
-Digital Image Processing (10 Credits) (Level 3) (O)
-Human-Computer Interaction (Design and Development)
(20 Credits) (O)
-Multimedia Systems (20 Credits) (O)
-Web Engineering (20 Credits) (O)
Stage 3:
-Dissertation (60 Credits) (C)

Qualification and course duration


part time
24 months
full time
12 months

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