Case study

Daniel Welsh — MA/PGDip Integrative Psychotherapy

University Of Central Lancashire
daniel welsh

Daniel Welsh is studying for a Masters degree in integrative psychotherapy at UCLan to gain the qualification he needs to practise professionally

What areas of work could you go into as a result of your further study?

With a professional qualification from my course, I could work for the NHS or become a professional psychotherapist.

Why did you decide to pursue a postgraduate course?

I decided to pursue this course as it gives me the required qualification and experience to practise at the level that I want to.

Why did you choose this postgraduate course and institution?

I chose UCLan because it is has a well-respected academic team and understands the support needed when studying at this level. I previously achieved an undergraduate degree at UCLan, which I feel gave me a strong foundation for postgraduate study. Because of this, it was a natural progression for me to do my MA at the same institution.

What is the course teaching you that your first degree did not?

The intellectual and emotional demands of this course are much higher than that of my undergraduate experience. The support and professionalism of the academic staff is as high as I had hoped and everything I had come to expect from a well-respected university like UCLan. My course is accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and is therefore not just defined by the university's standards but by one of the biggest governing bodies of psychotherapy in the UK today.

Tell us what the course involves, including details of your Masters project

The course itself is very intensive. Studying psychotherapy at this level is unlike anything I could ever have imagined before I began. For example, I have found it focuses much more on my personal journey as a flawed human being working towards professionalism and the many reflections and theories that surround understanding the process.

This course offers the potential to create not only a strong knowledge base in the area of psychotherapy but also an adaptable and highly competent practitioner. The course also teaches strong values regarding responsibility and ethical care that psychotherapists must always be aware and vigilant of when practising at a professional level.