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Global Health

University of Chester · Faculty of Health and Social Care

Entry requirements

* Entry requirements include a first degree or equivalent experience. Normally, there is no work experience required before understanding this programme; however, applicants without a first degree will normally be able to demonstrate extensive experience in the field of health and social care, together with evidence of recent study or writing at an appropriate level. * Introduction to postgraduate level module is available for applicants (both with and without undergraduate degree) where it was deemed necessary. * If English is not their first language, applicants will need to have a minimum score of IELTS 6.5, TOEFL 575 (233).

Months of entry


Course content

The programme mirrors the Faculty's developing interest and commitment to national and international partnerships and collaboration on health issues in both high and low income countries. Examples of previous work include the Faculty's involvement in developing the European Union Curricula on Human Seasonal Influenza, Legionella Prevention and Control, Multi-Drug Resistant Organism Impact in European Health Care Settings for the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, and the Faculty's established partnership with the Church of Uganda's Kisiizi Hospital and School of Nursing in Uganda.

The aims of the programme are:
1. To help students develop a range of analytical and methodological skills to address the multi-faceted challenges of global health in an ethically responsible manner, and to contribute on a broader scale to the design, implementation and evaluation of health programmes.

2. To prepare students to work within public health settings, and to respond to the multilateral public health challenges presented by the globalisation phenomenon.

3. To develop students' competence in identifying and analysing factors that cause disparities in health status, health resources, and access to health information and health services, particularly for marginalised and vulnerable people.

4. To prepare students with the knowledge, skills and techniques of analysing global health problems, and understanding of international health and public health policy development.

5. To provide students with the knowledge to handle complexity and exercise best judgement, individually and in groups, by utilising leadership and other key skills when faced with health challenges created in diverse settings.

6. To prepare students to communicate effectively to diverse audiences through appropriate media, and to take responsibility to efficiently complete complex health-related activities individually and in groups.

Qualification and course duration


part time
24 - 72 months
full time
12 months


part time
24 - 60 months
full time
12 months


part time
12 - 36 months
full time
12 months

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