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Dr Leyanda Purchase — Masters in Law

University of Law

The University of Law's (ULaw) Masters in Law courses are designed to meet the evolving demands of students and employers, explains National Programme and Student Affairs director Dr Leyanda Purchase

At Masters level, students want to specialise. As law schools try to include Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) preparation content as part of their standard undergraduate programmes, they have to sacrifice some of the flexibility that was previously there. ULaw offers specialised Masters qualifications that give students an opportunity to demonstrate how they're different, making themselves more employable and preparing them for the careers they aspire to fulfil.

We focus on areas where we have the expertise to combine legal training with practical application. Our Masters courses open doors to a variety of career options, giving students the choice to specialise in corporate law, legal technology, human rights, medical law and ethics, or dispute resolution. Each course considers the core theoretical debates before putting that theory into a practical context.

Our postgraduate legal programmes are continually developed to meet the needs of an evolving sector. Automation within law firms is freeing up solicitors to upskill and concentrate on value added tasks, so our courses aim to identify the kinds of expertise that will boost career progression in the future. This is why ULaw is leading the way when it comes to studying subjects such as legal technology.

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