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Rachel Wang — Legal Practice Course (LPC)

University of Law

An Entrepreneur of the Year, Rachel Wang is an alumna of The University of Law (ULaw) who, after completing her Legal Practice Course (LPC) and working in corporate finance for four years, decided to set up her own video production company

It may not seem like the most obvious career progression, but my legal education has come in pretty handy over the years. When I started out, I was fascinated by the philosophy of law.

I really enjoyed finding out about all the different areas of law during my Common Professional Examination (CPE) - now the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) course. When I chose to do the LPC, I was hoping to break into the media industry.

I'm now the director of Chocolate Films. After completing the LPC I worked in corporate finance for four years, but wanted to get involved in a more creative industry, so I set up Chocolate Films from home. As the company director, I'm responsible for the long-term vision of the company, which currently includes building a new studio in the Nine Elms development.

ULaw gave me a great understanding of the foundations of the law. Having the confidence to understand the law and how to use that knowledge within business is so useful. For me, the biggest benefit has been handling contracts.

While I'll often engage lawyers for specific pieces of work, I still read many contracts myself, so having that skillset is really helpful. Never underestimate the power of attention to detail - that was something else I learned at ULaw which has paid dividends.

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