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2019/20 edition

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About Faculty of Health

Delivered by professional experts, our programmes at Plymouth are tailored to you and your career. Together, we address today’s most challenging healthcare and psychological issues, through research-informed teaching and active, real-world learning.

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Our Schools

The six schools within the Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences combine world-leading research and practical expertise across a wide range of scientific and practical disciplines. Our graduates progress to a huge variety of professions and we are one of the UK’s largest providers for the health and care sector.

Peninsula Dental School

We currently offer five programmes; all operate on a blended learning model, where you can combine working from home with taught contact days on University premises. You will benefit from the ultramodern facilities at the Peninsula Dental School with our state-of-the-art Dental Education Facilities. You will learn in a research rich environment where you will be supported by expert supervisors and online teaching materials.

Peninsula Medical School

Our wide variety of postgraduate programmes offer you the opportunity to specialise in different pathways. Our programmes have been tailor-made for busy clinicians and run on a part-time, flexible basis helping you balance your studies with your personal and professional commitments. Study days are located near Derriford, one of Europe’s largest hospitals and the only trauma centre in Devon and Cornwall.

Our courses:

School of Biomedical Sciences

Postgraduate programmes in the School of Biomedical Sciences offer you the opportunity to specialise in different pathways: Cancer Biology, Infection and Immunity or Clinical Cardiac Sciences. This enables you to broaden your theoretical knowledge, hone your clinical/practical skills, and enhance your professional/research experience. With your choice of research project tied to your chosen pathway, you can focus your studies on an area that interests you.

Our courses:

School of Psychology

Offers a range of psychology programmes, including Advanced Psychology, Clinical Psychology and Human Neuroscience. We have 22 specialist laboratories, which can be booked by students for your own research. Labs range from single participant rooms through to labs with a range of networked or standalone computers, and social interaction or group participation rooms.

Our courses:

Our Facilities

A research lab for the cognitive psychology of child development. The University of Plymouth Babylab works to improve our understanding of how babies develop their amazing abilities, and the problems they might encounter along the way.

Brain Research and Imaging Centre
For 2021 we will be opening our new Brain Research and Imaging Centre (BRIC), the most advanced multi-modal brain imaging facility in the South West. Providing the sea-change to enhance the quality of our research in human neuroscience. With seven cutting edge human research laboratories, BRIC will include an MRI suite with the most advanced 3-Tesla scanner in the region. It will critically advance our enquiry toward to most advanced brain research, improved radiological diagnostics and better patient care.

Clinical Skills Resource Centre
Students will have the opportunity to practice clinical and communication skills in the clinical environment and our Clinical Skills Resource Centre (CSRC). Obtaining best and most varied hands-on experience within an appropriate clinical environment.

Simulated Dental Learning Environment.
Our Simulated Dental Learning Environment (SDLE) hosts a purpose-built suite of 50 dental chairs. You learn how to deliver dental treatment in a closely supervised simulated clinical environment. Each pod in the SDLE is an identical replica of a dental surgery with a ‘phantom head’ on which you can practise techniques.

Dental Education Facility
The Dental Education Facility provides a progressive clinical space in which to undertake your clinical duties. During clinical sessions you are supervised by highly experienced general dental practitioners, dental therapist/ hygienist tutors as well as clinical academic staff, and dental technicians.

Life Sciences Resource Centre (LSRC)
The LSRC compliments your life sciences learning through the guidance of experienced academic staff and its excellent facilities. An extensive array of resources exists, which encompasses recommended textbooks, anatomical models and medical imaging.

LSRC Anatomage Room
Plymouth became the first University in the South West to invest in the technology of a virtual dissection table. The Anatomage Table is the most technologically advanced anatomy virtual dissection and visualisation system for anatomy education.

Nutrition Unit
The Nutrition Unit consists of four laboratories: product development laboratory, teaching laboratory, nutritional analysis laboratory and a clinical room. The suite of labs is unique in that students can make the food, eat the food, analyse the composition of the food and monitor the effect of eating the food on human metabolism, all in this suite of labs.

Clinical and Human Physiology Laboratory
This is a specialised laboratory for assessing exercise performance where you can perform various cardio-respiratory and anthropometric measurements.

Derriford Research Facility
The University is proud to have built a prestigious £17 million facility to provide a research-intensive environment to investigate cancer; infection, immunity and inflammation; and neurodegenerative diseases, including: Brain tumours, dementia, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, antibiotic resistance, oral cancer, non-Hodgkins lymphoma, Ebola and bovine tuberculosis.

Peninsula Allied Heath Centre
The home of the School of Health Professions is fully equipped with two lecture theatres, seminar rooms and computing facilities, you’ll have access to modern, purpose built specialist skills laboratories and excellent research facilities. The centre is in close proximity to Derriford Hospital, Plymouth’s main hospital, and to the Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry.

Psychology Laboratories
Our specialist laboratories, which are available for students to book, range from single participant rooms through to labs with a range of networked or standalone computers and social interaction or group participation rooms. Special laboratories include:

  • Sound-proof cubicles, with a range of stimulus equipment
  • Computer laboratories, networked and capable of running custom developed experimental software
  • Facilities for brain imaging, electrophysiology and psychophysiology
  • A virtual reality laboratory with 3D modelling software, helmet and 4x position tracking equipment
  • Social labs with table or soft seating and camera recording equipment for observation
  • Developmental laboratory with full video recording facilities for use with infants and children
  • Information room – here you’ll find specific information and resources that you will need for your course including articles, offprints and past papers