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University of Siena · Department of Economics and Statistics

Entry requirements

Open access degree programme.

Months of entry


Course content

The MSc in Economics is a two year graduate programme that aims to provide an advanced level of education in economics.

The program is built on four core courses:

  • mathematics;
  • microeconomics;
  • macroeconomics;
  • and econometrics

This is so that students acquire advanced tools for economic analysis. The modules also offer a wide range of specialized topics in most fields of modern economics. The programme is designed to give our students the ability to approach a wide variety of economic and social issues.

Moreover, the cultural tradition of the Department of Economics in Siena has always favoured a pluralistic approach to the analysis of economic problems, in the belief that exposure to competing theoretical perspectives facilitates understanding of economic phenomena.

In the same spirit, Siena has always encouraged "contamination" of the economic approach with other disciplines, such as other social sciences, history, law, as well as biology, psychology, etc.

Fees and funding

UK students
up to 2,000 Euros
International students
up to 2,000 Euros

The annual fee is divided into three installments, as follows:

  • 1st instalment: fixed rate based on the type of degree course (humanities, science, EU regulated).
  • 2nd instalment: calculated based on income.
  • 3rd instalment: calculated based on merit.

The fee can also vary in the presence of any applicable benefits or exemptions.


Students enrolling at the University of Siena can apply for a DSU (Regional Body for the Right of University Studies) scholarship. The application is open until September/October of each year.

Scholarship assignees will receive a sum of money (covering University fees) and have free access to University canteens and free accom­modation at halls of residence, if admitted. Should such accommodation not be available, assignees will be given a rent contribution, if requested.

Qualification, course duration and attendance options

  • MSc
    full time
    24 months
    • Campus-based learningis available for this qualification
  • Further details of qualification

    Access requirements (Qualifications): 1 - TITLE OF SUPERIOR SCHOOL and FIRST LEVEL DEGREE 2 - TITLE OF SUPERIOR SCHOOL and DEGREE 4 - TITLE OF SUPERIOR SCHOOL and UNIVERSITY DIPLOMA Admission exam details: To be admitted to the degree program, student should pass an assessment of personal Knowledge on economics, mathematics and statistic, and the attitude for advanced studies on economics. The assessment rules, are stated in course regulation. The regulation stated also special conditions for skiping such an assessment.

Course contact details

Prof. Massimo D'Antoni