About University of Southern Denmark

Having developed international programmes for almost twenty years, the University enjoys a vibrant, multicultural environment and a worldwide network of businesses, institutions and researchers. Teaching staff have extensive research expertise, ensuring students receive an education of the highest quality

The University is committed to thinking and acting internationally – at all levels. Whether you are in the cafeteria or the classroom, the University’s international outlook means you can feel at home.

One of five faculties at the University of Southern Denmark, the Faculty of Engineering stands for world class research and education with focus on interdisciplinary and business oriented cooperation.

  • The University of Southern Denmark is the third largest university in Denmark and ranks around the top 300 universities in the world.
  • The University of Southern Denmark’s reputation is built on expertise in areas such as robotics, biotechnology, stem cell research, political science, management, literature and history
  • Located in the robotics hub of Denmark, the Faculty of Engineering offers the best opportunities for research and studies in robotics boasting strong links to robotics companies in Denmark.
  • Close to 20% of the students at the Faculty of Engineering are international students.
  • No tuition fees for EU/EEA citizens

The Faculty of Engineering – a faculty with strong links to industry

If technology and its interaction with people interest you, a degree programme at the Faculty of Engineering will be right up your street. And at the same time, you can raise your international profile with our state-of-the-art resources and strong global connections.

Through our extensive collaboration with local, regional and global industry the Faculty of Engineering offers students the possibility to spend part of their studies in a company in Denmark or abroad. This is a great opportunity to build a professional network, which will be a stepping-stone to a career after graduation.

Campus life

You do not have to speak Danish to study in Denmark. The majority of young and adult Danes speak English, but students at the university have the opportunity to sign up for Danish language courses for free.

International students living in Denmark for more than three months are covered by the Danish health insurance. It offers free doctor consultations and hospital treatment. You register for health insurance at the same time as registering at the Danish national register.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Denmark is similar to that of other northern European countries. You should estimate spending between 600 and 700 euro monthly. Monthly rent for a room in a flat costs about 300 euro. You also need to consider the cost of books and other teaching materials, transport and going out.


The University of Southern Denmark is a multi-campus university spread across the southern region of Denmark. The largest campus is located in Odense and the other four campuses lie in Kolding, Esbjerg, Sønderborg and Slagelse.


It is possible to apply for accommodation through the university and the university guarantees that all international students get an offer for accommodation at one of the student residences in the campus cities.

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How to apply

For more information about application please refer to the university website.

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