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Engineering - Electronics

University of Southern Denmark · University of Southern Denmark

Entry requirements

To apply for the Master's programme in Electronics, you need a relevant Bachelor's degree. You can also apply if you hold a similar degree. Once you have applied, the Faculty will assess your degree. To be considered, your degree must include a minimum of: 15 ECTS in Mathematics; 15 ECTS in Physics, mechanics and electro physics; 40 ECTS in Electronics, analogue and digital; 10 ECTS in Signal processing, control and regulation; 10 ECTS in Programming and simulation tools. If your degree does not fulfill the entry requirements, the study board will decide whether you can follow one or more supplementary courses.

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Course content

With an MSc in Engineering - Electronics you will be a specialist in power electronics and embedded systems which are found in almost all electronic equipment today. You will learn to combine the two disciplines in practice and thereby play a central role in the development of the future's intelligent products. For example, hybrid and electric cars use power electronics and intelligent control to ensure reduced energy consumption.

Control and power electronics go into space crafts and satellites, among other things, to convert energy from solar panels, fuel cells and batteries. The electronic engineer's skills are also used in the development of products such as smartphones, censors, intelligent washing machines, drones, emergency power systems, frequency converters and robots.

Qualification and course duration


full time
24 months

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Dorte Frølund Kromann