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University of Sussex · School of History and Philosophy

Entry requirements

MPhil in Philosophy : A Masters degree in philosophy or a related discipline.

PhD in Philosophy : A Masters degree in philosophy or a related discipline.

Months of entry

January, October, April

Course content

  • PhD in Philosophy
  • MPhil in Philosophy

The unique make-up of our Department allows for the supervision of a wide range of MPhil and PhD dissertation topics from within both the Anglo-American analytic tradition and the post-Kantian continental tradition, as well as on historical figures.

Possible supervision topics include Adorno, aesthetics, Aristotle, beliefs, content, counterfactuals, Davidson, descriptions, ethical theory, externalism, fiction, film, forgiveness, Frege, German Idealism, Habermas, Hegel, Heidegger, Husserl, identity, imagination, Islamic philosophy, justification, Kant, knowledge, Kripke, Levinas, Lewis, literature and philosophy, McDowell, Marx, mental causation, Merleau-Ponty, music, Nietzsche, ontology, perception, phenomenology and deconstruction, photography, Plato, poetry, possible worlds, Quine, realism and anti-realism, reference, representation, Russell, Sartre, self-knowledge, singular thought, transcendental arguments, truth, and Wittgenstein.

Recent thesis topics:

  • Adorno and Kant
  • Consciousness and intrinsic physical properties
  • Contingent identity
  • Emotion, cognition and dynamics
  • Ethics and politics in Plato
  • Freedom and self-consciousness
  • Hegel’s theory of subjectivity
  • Intentionality, error and misrepresentation
  • Language and meaning in Heidegger
  • Marx’s philosophy of law
  • Merleau-Ponty and the sensible
  • Nietzsche and art
  • Perfectionism and liberalism
  • Russell’s theory of descriptions
  • The nature of the self
  • Theology in Aristotle’s Metaphysics
  • Truth and realism
  • Wittgenstein’s theory of the proposition

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Fees and funding

UK students
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Qualification and course duration


part time
36-72 months
full time
24-48 months


full time
12-36 months
part time
24-48 months

Course contact details

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